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English songwriter and musician, Marcus Kane, took up songwriting a few years ago when an injury kept him at home for some time.  During that time, he fell in love with his new found freedom of expression, and his diverse song collection shows his love of many different genres.  His desire to create music has only grown, and now what he wants most is to collaborate and share with other musicians. The four songs Kane has just released on iTunes are perfect for music lovers who appreciate a no-nonsense, loving, and happy approach to music.  They also demonstrate Kane’s abilities as a songwriter and are a shout out to any aspiring collaborators who may want to join him on a musical adventure.

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Check out this new page on our website to feature local album releases! Comment on Facebook or on our blog with your favorite local album release of the year! Dayton, OH Area Album Releases.
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We are SO proud to present the very 1st edition of the Music Connection Dayton Regional Music Directory!  We believe this quarterly publication will be the start of a truly amazing progression forward in promoting the Dayton area music scene, and we will soon begin marketing this directory of just under 400 local acts all around the Dayton area and beyond! This is the most complete and up-to-date catalog of area acts, so please read on to check out pictures, catch the details, and learn how you can get your copy!


View full article »… It’s a name that millions of people have heard of, even if they don’t use it. Many people would also love to have that kind of name recognition.  In the meantime, there’s a really easy and effective way to build your “brand” from within Facebook, and I see it getting missed ALL the time…. your Facebook web address!

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Free Places to Post Show Fliers

There are a number of local places (both physical and online) where bands and musicians can post fliers for free!  Here is a handy reference list of places to post…


PHYSICAL LOCATIONS (in Dayton, unless otherwise specified):

1.) Second Time Around Music & Video
2.) Guitar Center
3.) Omega Music
4.) Hazy Shade Disc Golf Store
5.) Belmont Party Supply
6.) Headquarter’s Music  – New Carlisle
7.) Play It Again Music
8.) Recreate Shop
9.) Sound City Music – Troy
10.) The public board – Yellow Springs
11.) Other public boards
12.) The venue you’re playing at
13.) Locations around the venue you’re playing at

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Psychostick: Humorcore Reigns Supreme At Oddbody’s

PsychostickOhhh…the sweet nectar of the gods-beer.

The definition of beer-an alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain (as barley), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation.

Whatever-BEER IS GOOD!

That’s what the metal band Psychostick thinks.  So much so that they wrote a song about their love and admiration for it.  The song, titled simply “BEER!” (also affectionately called “The Beer Song”) has become an anthem of sorts for all those beer drinkers in the world.  Don’t believe so?  The video has been viewed by more than 5.8 million people on YouTube, making it a viral hit.  The song has also, and still is, played on satellite and FM radio stations throughout the United States.  Tonight-Psychostick will stopping in Dayton in support of their new album, IV: Revenge of The Vengeance at Oddbody’s

Since their inception in Arizona back in 2000, Psychostick has been bringing their brand of humor, hilarious lyrics like bands The Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, and Weird Al Yankovic.  The band’s music also features heavy riffs, notorious stage antics, and a high energy performance like what you would see with bands such as Chimaira, Machine Head, and Hatebreed.  Their first album, We Couldn’t Think of a Title was released in 2003.  The album, which includes the hit “BEER”, caught the eye of Rock Ridge Records.  The record company liked what they heard, and signed Psychostick.

One of the main statements that the band stands behind is the independence of their work with releasing their music.  The website, artwork, and general marketing is done by their singer Rob Kersey.  Psychostick records are self-produced, engineered, and mixed by their guitarist Joshua Key.

Recently, the band ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to help them build a studio in their residence in Chicago, along with helping them finish with the recording of their album IV: Revenge of The Vengeance.  “Our goal is to bring out more music and videos,” Kersey explained during a recent phone conversation.  “We have always wanted to release music quickly, and now we can be able to.”

Psychostick will be bringing specific outfits (examples from previous shows include a spiky hat wore by Kersey, a hachimaki for guitarist Key, and large moose antlers for bassist Matty J) and uses goofy prop comedy with objects like rubber chickens, stuffed animals or their instruments.  Their stage presence and shows undoubtedly bring those who are on the fence with their spin of heavy metal, and immediately come to embrace them.

Psychostick will be sharing the stage tonight at Oddbody’s with (hed)P.E., Legbone, and Menace 2 Sobriety​.  Showtime is 8pm.  18 and up show.

noType_4The new single “No Type” is a raw, stripped down hip-hop track featuring heavy ghetto house beats and the lyrical warfare of Fredricksburg, VA artist, KM.  Also, throwing down his own special madness on this track is rapper, Wy-Fi , whose fresh, rapid-fire style is a perfect contrast to the more laid-back lyrical style of KM.

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Album Cover Letters From High LatitudesA uniquely flavored and tasty concoction of various musical styles, “Letters From High Latitudes”, by Canadian born artist, Ed Roman, must be sipped again and again to achieve complete understanding of its different elements and sensations.

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Album_CoverBringing ancient, instinctual beats to an epic, emotional landscape of sonic persuasion, To Where Tengger Leads Me, is the stunning debut action-adventure soundtrack by Mongolian solo artist from China,  Nature Ganganbaigal (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang).

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JimAnthony-BetterDayThe Better Day album by Christian country artist, Jim Anthony, is a heart-warming collection of songs full of rich melodies and down home goodness.  Anthony is a seasoned musician and song-writer having spent most of his life creating music, and he has a number of significant accolades under his belt. Life is always the greatest teacher and provider of musical inspiration though, and Better Day is the inspirational result of Anthony’s experiences.

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CORE_frontWith the free-flowing, technical heart of jazz and jam forms and the soul and spirit of blues rock, the new instrumental album, Core, by New York band, Arjun, screams “Play me again!”  Mixed by underground hip-hop and jazz producer Scotty Hard and featuring John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood) on its title track, Core is distinguished by carefully crafted melodies designed to tell a story.

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Queens, New York hip-hop artist, Nobi, serves up his “GrittyLyf” reality with flair, precision, and raw passion on his new mixtape, InteGRITTY 2, released earlier this month.

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Amanda Palmer: If You’re Asking ‘What’s In It for Me?’ Then You’re In the Wrong Business… – Digital Music News.

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