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561967_266812246776850_426697310_nTwisting together haunting melodies, clean and crisp vocals, and powerful and dynamic riffs, Australian-based band, Secrets of a Wooden Hut, have exploded onto my radar with their powerful, new EP called “From the Outside“! The band currently only has samples of tracks publicly available, but today, I had the privilege of listening to and reviewing the entire EP!

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Fostercore and Nate

I got a call from my friend, Fostercore, asking what I was doing on a Thursday night. Thursday? If I’m not checking out songwriters at an open mic, I’m probably either playing guitar ideas into the 8-track or sitting on my ass playing video games. There’s usually nothing great on Thursdays aside from the 14 open-mics around town. “I scored some tickets, but have no license. You have a license, but no tickets. Wanna have an adventure?”  Well, hell yea; who doesn’t? I did a quick check of music events on Music Connection Dayton to see what else was happening and made a mental note of some highlights. I threw on my nearly-clean Slayer T-shirt, grabbed my leather, and I was out the door.

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Abertooth Lincoln’s bassist Andrew Humphrey is running a little late.  Humphrey currently lives in Oxford, which is about an hour from the band’s headquarters in Dayton.  The rest of the band, Jacob Gandert on vocals, guitarist James Lampe, Josh Gandert on sax/keyboards, and drummer Mike Werthmann are already where we all agreed to meet up, which is where the band lives and practices.  It is one of the most beautiful nights that has graced the Dayton area in the past few months.  The weather has been miserable around the Dayton area, with the amount of snow that equals to what most mountain regions receive.

I met up with the band outside of the meeting place, which was located a little outside of town.    As soon as Humphrey arrived, he quickly apologized for being a little late.  Driving an hour to come and meet up with everyone and also practice shouldn’t call for being sorry.  The band and myself entered the home, and quickly opened up the windows.  This was an evening that shouldn’t be wasted with the cool air swirling around outside.

Abertooth Lincoln It was just four years ago when Abertooth Lincoln formed.   At that time Werthmann, and Lampe were just coming out of  their previous band, He Laughs He Learns He Loves.  Along with Caleab Wyant (keyboard, vocals), Eric Rieper (sounds,  vocals) and Matt Conner (bass), He Laughs He Learns He Loves just dropped their long awaited full length album which  was titled Say Yes To Everything.  The album, which featured a heavy concoction of electronica, punk and metal in each  of the songs, took over three years to be produced and then be released.  The making of the album took its toll on  everyone involved.  Becoming burnt out with playing the songs they recorded to the point where they hated them,  disagreements, along with the direction of the band gave everyone the conclusion that it was time to move on.  Shortly  after the album release party concluded, He Laughs He Learns He Loves called it quits.  “We spent way too long on one  project”, says Lampe.  “When it was finally done (the album) that now we can listen to and think it sounds cool, but by  the time it came out we all couldn’t stand it.” View full article »

mc header copyAs of March 1st, 2014, Music Connection’s local band/artist listings, classifieds, open mics, venues, videos, music and more are now located at the new website at!   This blog is also available via the new site, so stop over and check out all the amazing local music that Dayton and surrounding areas have to offer!… It’s a name that millions of people have heard of, even if they don’t use it. Many people would also love to have that kind of name recognition.  In the meantime, there’s a really easy and effective way to build your “brand” from within Facebook, and I see it getting missed ALL the time…. your Facebook web address!

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Free Places to Post Show Fliers

There are a number of local places (both physical and online) where bands and musicians can post fliers for free!  Here is a handy reference list of places to post…


PHYSICAL LOCATIONS (in Dayton, unless otherwise specified:

1.) Second Time Around Music & Video
2.) Guitar Center
3.) Omega Music
4.) Hazy Shade Disc Golf Store
5.) Belmont Party Supply
6.) Headquarter’s Music  - New Carlisle
7.) Play It Again Music
8.) Recreate Shop
9.) Sound City Music – Troy
10.) The public board – Yellow Springs
11.) Other public boards
12.) The venue you’re playing at
13.) Locations around the venue you’re playing at

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Cover_Front_3_Tracks_PromoRussian singer-songwriter, Paul Kremleff, recently released his cool and upbeat, “3 Tracks Promo” EP from his upcoming album, “Lounge For Intellectuals”.  Kremleff is not just a singer and songwriter.  He is also a musician and the sole producer and creator for his upcoming album.  A unique mix of electronic pop and easy-listening, the new EP will definitely leave you relaxed.

Kremleff’s vocals have a richness and tone similar to that of Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), but Kremleff’s melodic and lyrical sensibilities are more along the lines of crooners like Barry Manilow.   Each track off the new EP builds nicely with just the right amount of musical depth and layering at just the right time.   The EP also has a fair amount of variety between tracks.  While the overall feel is definitely in the pop and easy-listening veins, influences of everything from disco and smooth jazz to new wave and British rock are weaved into the threads of the musical landscape.   This EP is definitely one to check out and add to your feel good playlist!
Official site:

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene!  Go check them out!  If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

Rap and hip-hop artist, Young HEAT, is no stranger to pain. Growing up right here in Dayton among some of the most corrupt elements of our city, his music reflects many of the dark realities that are often found, but commonly ignored or glossed over, in city life.

Young HEAT is not afraid to spell out the explicit content that has filled his life, and if you have ears that are too sensitive to deal with and empathize with the raw, dirty underbelly of city life, then “Everyday I Feel This Pain” will leave you bleeding and dead on your feet.   View full article »

Adult contemporary artist, Frank Shiner, has had music and performance in his blood his whole life. From the time he was little, his father’s singing had already shown him the impact that lyrics and sound can have on the soul, and he pursued his musical instincts onward through high school where he was encouraged to follow musical theatre and later classical theatre.  Frank played more than 50 theatre and television roles before meeting his true love, Suzanne, settling down with his family, and building a life away from his musical roots.

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When rockers Mikey Brown and Jamey Deeter joined forces twenty years ago, they could only hope that Laughing Cattle‘s musical journey was just beginning. Now, twenty years and 8 albums later, Brown and Deeter are still the hearts that keep Laughing Cattle scratching that itch to write and perform original music!  The band has a number of live performances planned this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and word has it, they may even have some new material in the works for this year!   View full article »

This is a really cool article on how the music industry is changing and the areas today’s artists should consider focusing on. There seemed to be several big messages in this article:
1.) the whole band needs to be involved in the success of the band
2.) bands and musicians today need to be much more DIY
3.) being in a successful band is not just about creating music
If you’re a highly motivated band or musician, there was a lot of great other information in this article, and I highly recommend reading all the way through.   If you’re playing music just for fun, you’ll probably find this article to be a little “high-strung”.
Why Music Managers Just Don’t Cut It | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News.

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