Free Places to Post Show Fliers

Posted: April 25, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Support, Promo, & Tips
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There are a number of local places (both physical and online) where bands and musicians can post fliers for free!  Here is a handy reference list of places to post…


PHYSICAL LOCATIONS (in Dayton, unless otherwise specified):

1.) Second Time Around Music & Video
2.) Guitar Center
3.) Omega Music
4.) Hazy Shade Disc Golf Store
5.) Belmont Party Supply
6.) Headquarter’s Music  – New Carlisle
7.) Play It Again Music
8.) Recreate Shop
9.) Sound City Music – Troy
10.) The public board – Yellow Springs
11.) Other public boards
12.) The venue you’re playing at
13.) Locations around the venue you’re playing at


1.) Showpaste –  (import your Facebook event right in and upload your flier. You’ll get a password after your upload is complete.  Save it if you plan on editing it in the future.)
2.) Dayton Most Metro –
3.) Active Dayton–
4.) Dayton Night Out–
5.) MusicLaughs-Places Lynn Frericks–
6.) Miami Valley Music Triangle–
7.) Dayton Local Bands/Musicians–
8.) Dayton Local Music Fans–
9.) Springfield Metal Fans–
10.) Support Local Ohio Music–
11.) Ohio Music & Entertainment–
12.) Productions by G–
13.) Dayton Rock Radio-
14.) Ohio Music Scene–
15.) Dayton, Cinci,& Columbus:Metal/Hardcore/Pop Scene–


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