“Illness” Review for Grim State by New-Transcendence.com

Posted: April 29, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Band/Artist/Project News
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Grim State
Please take the time to read this awesome review of Illness! We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and kind words.

“Beginning with a series of chaotic shouts and pounding, blood-pumping percussion, Illness wastes no time in letting the listener know what Grim State are all about: intensity. At no point during the entire duration of the album is the listener subject to any sort of reprieve from the incessant hammering the act has to offer. This is, in one way, due to the instrumentation throughout the album. “Unstable,” for example, is just that. Opening with a stuttering, stop-and-go breakdown, it is the closest thing to clean-cut and concise the album has to offer. Most of the time, there is a dissonant, sludgy tone constantly pulling and tugging at the listener’s ears, eroding at their sanity. Take “Torn” for another example; chaotic, rampant shredding which wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Every Time I Die album is dominant, while the drums pound and persist in the background. In one way or another, the instrumentation on Illness is always driving the album along, pushing it to go faster and to be even more intense than the listener previously perceived as possible.”

Link to full review:


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