Check out this sweet little acoustic instrumental from Danny “Gypsy Traveler” Dawes out of West Carrollton, OH!
Acoustic Instrumental (rough mix) idea #1:

Danny is a Booking Agent and Promoter for BCGS Entertainment and a local filmmaker, and apparently a young upcoming songwriter and music fan!  We hope that Danny continues to explore his musical talents and maybe even joins up with or starts a local project of his own!  

Here’s a little more about Danny “Gypsy Traveler”:
“My name is Danny Dawes(or Dj to family) and I am a filmmaker. I attend Miami Valley Career Technology Center for Interactive Multi Media. My best quality is Video Editing Acting and some film work. I do Photoshop Dreamweaver and anything else you may need. You ever need a video done my rates are affordable but no free runs.:)
I LOVE HARD CORE MUSIC, and The Beatles, and John Lennon.
If John Lennon and Bob Marley were still alive, this world would be a better place.
Top 10 Favorite Bands:
1.Bring Me The Horizon
2. Emmure
3. For Today
4. As I Lay Dying
5. The Devil Wears Prada
6. Seether
7. Of Mice And Men
8. The Beatles
9. Family Force 5
10. Attack Attack!

Hit up Danny if you’d like to talk to him about his music or filmmaking or booking and promotion!