“Somewhere Beneath The Sunshine” – idiedtrying music video world release!

Posted: May 4, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Band/Artist/Project News
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The idiedtrying “Somewhere Beneath The Sunshine” Music Video WORLD PREMIERE IS NOW!!!!!!
Click the link below to check this video out!

I just got finished watching the video and am super stoked that this video is coming out of Dayton!
“I’ve gotten to see idiedtrying several times over the last year or so, and each time, the experience has gotten better and better!    The formula for their music is different from many local-oriented bands, and THAT snagged my attention the very first time I saw them!  Lacking hardly any traditional song structures, this band’s sound will not appeal to everyone…but they’re not trying to appeal to everyone.  I dig that.
Their music is intriguing and complex and dark, and they provide a “show” experience every time they play!  The emotion let out on the stage when they perform is raw, explosive, dramatic, and sometimes even painful, and I appreciate the authenticity of the emotion and experience more each time I hear them!   They also work hard at not only creating quality music and promoting their music and other local music, but they also know that it takes actual legwork and a quality “unique” experience to get new fans to shows!
Their newest music video, “Somewhere Beneath The Sunshine” is the culmination of idiedtrying’s formula, showcasing their overall style and quality and feeling and the rawness of their music in one killer video that keeps the watcher in for the whole ride!   Those musicians and music lovers who can appreciate the influence of the looser song structures of jazz and improvisational and experimental pieces combined with the dark and tortured, dramatic and emotional sounds of metal and noise and thrash will find themselves totally enthralled with idiedtrying!  Get out and see them at a local show while you can!”
– Music Connection- Dayton, OH

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