The Story Changes Pre-release Album breakdown!

Posted: May 7, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band/Artist/Project News
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The Story Changes   Rock/Alternative   – Dayton, OH

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, dudes and dolls: Over the next two weeks leading up to the release of Static and Trembling, we will be posting a little bit about each of the album’s fourteen songs, one a day leading up to the release date.”


Track 1: Wake the World. 14 tracks, 14 days: Static and Trembling.
Picking the song order when finishing an album is always a difficult process and deciding which song should start the whole thing off is even harder. “Wake the World” is a pretty big curveball for us in many ways and I really like how the vibe of the song sets the mood for the rest of the album.”

Click HERE for the full pre-release info on track 1: “Wake the World”!

(Excerpt)     “Track 2: Song Inside Your Head –  Static and Trembling has more guitar solo-ish sections than our previous albums and “Song Inside Your Head” has the honor of not only being the first lead on the album, but also one of my favorite leads that I have put on a TSC song yet. I use the word “lead” loosely. I’m not trying to shred by any means, haha, just trying to enhance the song with some cool melodies. We really dove into using a lot more stomp boxes this time around for the guitar tones, especially on the leads and textural overdubs. It was a lot of fun dialing in some different sounds. We went for more of a 90’s vibe in the guitar tones and I couldn’t be happier with how they sound.”

Click HERE for the full pre-release info on track 2: “Song Inside Your Head”

“(Excerpt)  Track 3: Hashtags and Therapists.   The song title “Hashtags and Therapists” is a poke at the popular trend of putting eight million hashtagged descriptions on EVERYTHING. It all comes off kind of comical at this point because it’s all so overdone. I propose that we start a trend of calling these people out and tag #HASHTAGSANDTHERAPISTS every time someone overdoes it on the tags.”

Click HERE for the full info on “Hashtags and Therapists”

Track 4: State Lines

(Excerpt) “”State Lines” is one of only a few instances where I have written all of the words to a song before mapping out the music. I think I made a few minor adjustments to the lyrics to fit the melody once the music was fleshed out, but it pretty much stayed true to the words I wrote in the back of a van towards the end of a really long tour.”

Click HERE for the full info on Track 4 “State Lines”

Track 5: Nobody’s Poet

(Excerpt) “My favorite story about “Nobody’s Poet” involves a full

band demo of it that we recorded a few months before going into the studio to make the album. I wanted to make some slight changes to the lyrics and vocal melody of the verse a few weeks later, but I was in Denver on an off day of tour staying with some family and did not have any of microphones or recording gear with me. I ended up re-recording the vocals to that section holding up my laptop and singing into the crappy built in mic. It gave it this really lofi almost cb style effect and actually turned out to be a really cool vibe for that part of the song. We ended up liking it so much that when we recorded the actual version for the album later in the studio, we mimicked the eq of the vocals to make it sound as close as we could to the demo.”

Click HERE for the full info on Track 5, “Nobody’s Poet”

Track 6: Save You

(Excerpt) “”Save You” was one of the last songs written for the album. We had already written and worked on the bulk of the record and thought we were done writing, but this song sort of snuck in at the last minute and we really liked it. I wrote the chorus and main riff for the song while I was in Europe with my other band about a month before…”

Click HERE for the full info on Track 6, “Save You”

Stay tuned for more pre-release info coming soon!

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