Red Hot Rebellion EP News!

Posted: May 16, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band/Artist/Project News
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Red Hot Rebellion Announces Upcoming “Melt The Sky” EP Out August 27th!

…. The name “Melt The Sky” for the titular track was conceived last summer when Tramontana became obsessed with nuclear bomb testing. Particularly of interest to him was Operation Starfish Prime, where the United State test detonated nuclear weapons in the upper stratosphere and lower outer space. Some of the test participants were said to be worried that the explosion might cause the Earth’s ozone layer to completely evaporate, essentially melting the sky. The thought of continuing with such a dangerous experiment was so completely insane and ballsy that Tramontana immediately began writing“Melt The Sky.” After the songwriting process began, RHR immediately left planet Earth and started to dabble in science fiction and space aliens. The end result is the concept story behind “Melt The Sky,” as told in the lyrics of the song…..
For more info on this cool upcoming EP release, click the link below!

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