Chords of Truth Collaboration Highlights Folktronica & Dayton Artist, Venumb

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I’m really, truly excited to tell you about this cool project, called Chords of Truth, Remixed!

This project really is awesome, so first, I gotta give you the low-down on what its all about!
A couple of years ago, American acoustic folk singer/ songwriter, Jason Garriotte, released his first EP, a 7-track album titled, “Reflections of Reality”, under the project name Chords of Truth!     “Reflections of Reality” had amazing success, and Jason began touring and performing countless shows all over the country.

CHORDS OF TRUTH, REMIXED:  Amazingly, along the way, he found that many artists in the electronic music community connected with his music and his lyrics, so he decided to try his hand at some musical collaborations and see if his songs and lyrics would translate well in new formats.   To get these collaborations going, he held a couple of contests where he made his acoustic songs and lyrics available for remixing and had artists from all over the world submit their versions of his songs!  He received an amazing number of submissions reaching from across a multitude of genres, and the ultimate release of a 26-track, double album, titled “Reflections of Reality, Remixed” has exploded under the cross-genre category of “folktronica“.

The result of the Chords of Truth, Remixed project is an idea that has now encompassed 14 different producers, a double album, 8 additional remix EP’s, and a total of 57 remixes/interpretations of the original 7-track album!

The “Reflections of Reality, Remixed” double album was released on March 12, 2013, & you can support this project by purchasing a CD on Amazon, iTunes, or at CDBaby for as little as $9.99!  Jason & the other contributing artists have also graciously made this whole project available for FREE for those who want a copy & would share it with others!  Download any of the songs or albums for free,  HERE!


One of the 8 additional remix EP’s that evolved from this project was a killer dubstep remix by Dayton artist, Joshua Gleissner, aka Venumb!   According to Garriotte, “Venumb has cleverly weaved his sounds, beats, and rhythms into the classic acoustic folk style recordings” of the original Chords of Truth tracks creating something “Powerful and Different!”   If you’re a fan of Chemical Brothers, Knife Party and Massive Attack, you’ll be an instant fan of Venumb!  Two of Venumb’s tracks, “Tune Your Mind” and “Pop or Soda” were finalists in the remix contest and made it to the final double-album release!


I have always been drawn to more philosophical lyrics about where we come from and questions about what makes humanity different from other creatures in the universe, so I immediately connected with Garriotte’s lyrics in “Tune Your Mind”.   The melodic style of the vocals is minimal but extremely effective at pushing the focus to the lyrics and music.   His acoustic influences range from Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen to Simon & Garfunkel, and these influences are well evidenced in “Tune Your Mind”.   When Gleissner, aka Venumb, got a hold of this tune, he drew out and transformed the music behind these amazingly spiritual and mind-expanding lyrics with modern electronic beats and created a song that I could easily see myself dancing to in any nightclub, anywhere!  I love how he was able to maintain the integrity, feeling, and melody of the original song while still creating something completely different with this remix.


While most of the “Reflections of Reality” album has a fairly “serious” underpinning to the tone and lyrics and titles, “Pop or Soda”, appears to have a slightly lighter tone.  You might initially think from the title that the song focuses on the long-held debate about “Pop or Soda”.   On the surface, the lyrics appear somewhat out of place among titles like “The Power To Be Alive” and “What Life Is All About”.  On some other album, it could easily have a “pop candy” flavor, if you’ll pardon the pun.   However, in context with these other tracks, it’s also possible to see some deeper meanings in “Pop or Soda” in lyrics like “Some people like to criticize and assume they are right but it can go both ways.  You should not have to rephrase”.   Musically, the original and the remix are extremely different.  While the original keeps a consistent tempo and fairly relaxed pace throughout, the remix has killer time changes, scratch beats, and pop/soda can opening effects added as well as a remix of the original song structure and a full bonus 60 seconds of infectious rhythms and sounds!

I highly recommend that you check out the “Chords of Truth” project and all the music that was created from this project and give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars!   The recording quality is excellent!  The content is primo, and the time and energy and creativity involved in this project is really phenomenal!   I took a listen and immediately downloaded the whole original acoustic album “Reflections of Reality”,  the whole double album “Reflections of Reality, Remixed”, and the 8-track EP remix by Venumb, and it’s all I’ve been listening to since!

Check out what the critics are saying…

“…this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate”
…full review     Indie Shuffle

Folk music that could have easily come from an anti-war troubadour in the 60’s and modern electronic music producers together at last…”   …full review   All Whats Rock

“Garriotte and his team of electro wizards tinker with, tweak, and retool the already outstanding songs into hyper-modern folktronic meditations that twist and caterwaul through the vague ether that seperates pop and ambient music.”  …full review   The 8th Circuit

“Jason Garriotte is an artist that has created his own genre in the music industry.”
…full review

You could literally drop some of these tracks at any club and they would fit right in, the mixes and beats are that good. You will find it impossible to not groove to these songs. …full review JamSphere

Folktronica is what Chords of Truth exemplifies. The sounds emanating from the double LP project, Reflections of Reality, is a sonic journey that is fascinating. Using a myriad of producers to remix the songs, the brainchild of Chords of Truth, Jason Garriotte, sought to craft a mind-expanding voyage. ”    …full review   The Examiner

“…it’s Folktronica; essentially, it’s a bit of the traditional world music with a 10 megaton missile strapped to its backside.”   …full review   Music News

Some part of my brain really dug listening to this music, and it wanted me to put it back playing again right away. It was almost like withdrawal or something.     …full review  Nerdy Nothings

Here’s how you can help with this project:

1.)  Check it out at &

2.)  Buy a physical of the original or double albums at Amazon,  iTunes, or at CDBaby for as little as $9.99 or download a copy from the websites!
3.)  Follow the Chords of Truth project on CoT on Facebook CoT on TwitterCoT on YouTube

4.)  Follow the Chords of Truth, Remixed project on   

5.)  Follow Dayton artist,Venumb on  

6.)  If you want to challenge yourself to creating a remix and then submit it to the Chords of Truth Remixed Soundcloud group, Jason will add it for everyone to enjoy. Sound stems & guidelines for remixing & submission are available HERE.

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