Simplifying Your Band/Artist Facebook Address | THE Easiest & Most Missed Way To Build Your Brand!

Posted: August 8, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Support, Promo, & Tips
Tags: , , , ,… It’s a name that millions of people have heard of, even if they don’t use it. Many people would also love to have that kind of name recognition.  In the meantime, there’s a really easy and effective way to build your “brand” from within Facebook, and I see it getting missed ALL the time…. your Facebook web address!

With Facebook, the key is your ability to share and network (both virtually and in the physical world), but when you create a Facebook page, they give you a website address with a big long number at the end of it when what you want is a site address that is easy to remember and/or contains your band/artist/company name!  

Here are 2 major benefits:
1.) You can more easily tell potential fans/clients your site address (who would remember that long string of numbers?)… most people have heard of, so just let them know they can add your name after that and find you!
2.) This is a shorter address to put on fliers and cards and other advertisements, making it easier for people who see your site in passing to remember, even if they can’t write it down.

Many of you are on the ball and have already done this a long time ago, but for those of you just now learning about this, here’s how you can change your site address:

From a personal computer (not a phone or tablet):
1.) Log in to Facebook and go to your Page.
2.) At the top should be an administrative section with a drop down button that says “Edit Page”.  Click on that button and it should provide a drop down menu of choices.  Choose “Update Page Info”.
3.) From the “Update Page Info” page, you should see a list in bold on the left of options you can change.  The 2nd choice should be your “Page Address”.  In the right hand column, you should see your current page address in gray text.  On the far right, you should see an option button to “Edit” this field.  Click on the word “Edit”.
4.) The section for “Page Address” should expand, and you should see a link that says “Change Web Address”.  Click this link.
5.) On this next page, you will see two fields.
a.) The left field should contain your Page name (or a drop down menu for multiple pages if you have them).  Make sure it says the correct page name.

b.) The right field is what we’re really after…. this is where you can type your page’s “Username” (a short word for your page’s address).   The best usernames are short, contain no spaces or characters other than text and numbers (the fewer numbers the better generally), and are easy to remember and relevant to the page.  Pick a name and then click the button that says “Check Availability”.  Once you create a name that is available, save it, and you’re on your way to upgrading your brand!

*  Please note, that once you initially set a username for your page, Facebook will only allow 1 additional change in the future.  This means you need to pick wisely the first time around!

That’s it!  The easiest and simplest way to improve your name recognition!

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