NEW! Rock/Metal Review: 8/24/13 – Bojangles- Lemon Shark, Slow Burn Theory, National Headcase

Posted: September 6, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Show Reviews & Pictures
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I am extremely excited to introduce a new writer here at the Music Connection team, Joel Naugle!   Joel is an avid rock and metal and hardcore fan, loves local music, and was eager to get started sharing his take on and support of the local scene when I suggested the idea a few weeks back at a Forces of Nature show over in Springfield.   He’ll be covering some local rock and metal shows for us in the upcoming future and giving us the lowdown on the bands, the venues, and everything in between!   Here’s his 1st show review:

Lemon Shark, Slow Burn Theory, and National Headcase at Bojangles on 8/24/13

Review by Joel Naugle

BoJangles Nightclub - West Carrollton City, OHBoJangles Nightclub:   This is a great place to see a show or perform!  Both the sound gear and the sound tech performed fantastically, so it sounded amazing the whole night!  The stage itself is also great and could accommodate a fairly large group of musicians. Throw in a great dance floor, some TV’s, pool table, and drinks, and you’ve got a great evening for music!

Lemon SharkLemon Shark:

They were the 1st band of the night and started it off right with lots of energy, strong vocals, and solid guitars, bass, and percussion.  They really got the crowd involved with plenty of folks having a great time and some major mosh neck the next day, for sure.   They tore it up!

Slow Burn TheorySlow Burn Theory:

Totally blown away! These guys shredded like there was no tomorrow with amazing guitar riffs and drumming! They had awesome and dynamic transitions from slow to fast, tons of energy, and with a song called “Beer“, how could you go wrong?

National HeadcaseNational Headcase:

WOW!!! I saw these guys at the Moon Ranch earlier this year, and I was blown away then too!   These guys really have their stuff together and put on a great show! They were tight and crunchy and the crowd LOVED it!   Great bass lines! Dueling guitars! Tear your face off vocals! Oh yeah!

Here’s some more pictures of the show:

group1 ls1 ls3ls2  ls4 nh1 nh2 nh3 sbt1 sbt2 sbt3

All photos by Joel Naugle and edited by Kimberly Weiss
Copyright 2013

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