NEW! Rock/Metal Review: 9/1/13- Heck Yeah’s with From Silence to Violence, From My Grave, & Devium

Posted: September 8, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News
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Review by Joel Naugle

This week I went and saw three killer bands at Heck Yeah’s in Piqua! This is a really nice sports and dining bar.  During the summer months, they have great shows on their outside stage which has excellent sound and a patio for hanging outside or catching a smoke, and during the winter months, they accommodate smaller acts on their inside stage.  The lighting was pretty good and there was sufficient power for all the bands. The venue was also pretty easy to find since it was right on Rt. 25 along the river just south of Piqua,

From Silence To ViolenceFrom Silence to Violence were the first to take the stage and these guys put on a fantastic performance, quickly turning the audience into a frenzied pit. These guys are a 5 piece: 2 guitars, 1 bass, drums and vocalist, and they really know what they are doing! The vocalist had great transitions from regular singing to rip your face off gutturals, and the music itself was tight and interesting the whole set.  A must see for sure!

The second band to take the stage this night was From my Grave. I have to admit, I’m a little biased towards these guys as I’m good friends with all of them, but I can’t help but say anything other than what I think about each performance. These guys sound like they’ve been playing for a while, but this was only their 2nd show!  They have insane vocals in Joel K., who goes from singing to shredding your face off in seconds, and the great guitar work and drumming make the band really have staying power in my memory. Their lyrics are what make their music awesome though… Check em out!

DeviumDevium was the band closing out the night, and they shredded the face off of everybody there! This was their first time playing in Piqua, and they continued the  earlier moshing with a nice pit at the stage.   The lead man had some crazy vocals, going from slow to fast and adding some deep gutturals and squealing. The guitar and bass work was amazing, and these guys definitely rocked the house at Heck Yeah’s!

Vicious Audio - Saint Paris, OHThe sound guy was Andy Vondenhuevel, from Vicious Audio LLC, and he made everything sound really good.  He had the right tools and more than enough equipment for killer sound the whole night!


Here are some more pictures from the show:

devium2 devium1 devium5 devium7 frommygrave4devium3     devium6 frommygrave3devium4    frommygrave1 devium9   frommygrave2   fs2v3 fs2v1 fs2v2  fs2v4

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