September Featured Band: Menace 2 Sobriety – Rap/Hardcore/Punk Rock – Dayton, OH

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This month’s featured band, Menace 2 Sobriety, is one you should NOT miss!  If you’re not ready for the Menace though, you might have your mind blown, so let me try and prepare you for the trouncing your ears are about to receive!

At it’s core, Menace 2 Sobriety is a rap/hardcore act comprised of seven members (Doc (Vocals); Intuitive (Vocals); CMFT (Drums); Martin Landis (Bass/Vocals); Big Rich (Rhythm Guitar); Binsin (Lead Guitar); B Money (Turntables)) and focusing on a lifestyle of “Blunts, Bitches, & Booze”.  Don’t let that rap/hardcore label fool you though and start thinking you’re gonna get some kind of mainstream rap because these guys have all kinds of influences popping in and out of their jams – punk, metal, stoner rock… all of that’s in there too!

profileTheir large size means they are NEVER lacking for power and dynamics, so get prepared for a wall of sound and energy at one of their shows!  Their straightforward, hard hitting lyrics about smoking down, partying, violence, women, and… more partying…  are not for the meek of heart or mind, profile2so if you have sensitive eyes and/or ears, these guys are not for you!

Their melodies and music and crew have changed over time, and like most bands, they’ve had their fair share of music business craziness to deal with over their years.   Their most recently anticipated 3rd album for example, “Shack of the Pigs”, which was expected to be released this year, ran into some major production issues right before release that caused the complete loss of much of the album. Not like most acts however, the guys have kept a great thing going and continue to roll right along. They’re expecting to release another album, titled “Blunts, Bitches, and Booze!” later this year and are currently in the process of self-recording this album in their newly built, “Plapville Studios”.

For me, these guys have a lot of diversity within their music and a great old-school, groovy, punk/hip-hop style a lot of times.  If you’re looking for some mainstream act to relate them to tries to come somewhere close, I’d say they’re reminiscent of a bunch of Beastie Boys jams that have somewhere along the way taken a serious underground hardcore and liberal right turn.   There’s also a lot of fresh grooves rollin in there (listen to  “Pre-roll“), right next to some punishingly brutal vocals (check out “A.M.S.“), and I’ll always be down with that!  Are you down 2?


Menace 2 Sobriety is a seven member group that came together in the winter of 2004. Their sound would best be described as a crossover blend that mixes Hardcore, Hip-Hop, and Punk Rock.  Each member brings their own distinct musical style to the group which has led to the unique sound that you hear today. Quickly building a dedicated fan base within the underground, Menace has performed with national artists such as Twiztid, Bobaflex, Prozak, Powerman 5000, Hed (pe), Kingspade, Tech n9ne, and has added credits to their shows such as their three performances at The Gathering of the Juggalos, Alrosa Villa, The Whisky on Sunset, Peabody’s Down Under, and other amazing venues.   Performances such as those have helped to expand the group’s fan base and push them even harder to succeed in the music industry.  Menace is completely self-produced and promoted and have become well known across the country for their unique style and ability to build their fan base at each and every show.  ARE YOU DOWN 2???


Aug. 2007 “Cashed & Rehashed
Aug. 2009 “Diary Of Addiction” (Available HERE)
Expected 2013 release “Blunts, Bitches & Booze


9/14   – Hank’s Pub – Kettering, OH
10/04Boomerangs – Piqua, OH (This is their hip-hop group, Camp Menace)
10/06Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH
11/2   – U.A.W.–  Troy, OH – Halloween Phreak Out 3
11/5 –   TBA – Troy, OH Halloween Show
11/15Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH – w/ “Potluck” (Tickets available $15)

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