Life of Lily- Folk / Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter – NY

Posted: September 15, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Non-Local Bands
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Life of Lily

Indie pop singer-songwriter, Lily, is releasing her first studio album, Life of Lily, this November.  We got a chance to review this sweet little album this week and are here to let you know that Life of Lily is an album made for indie pop fans around the world!

Lily’s voice and lyrics are the light and heart of the album!  There is a sweet and almost childlike quality to her tone and range.  This lightness of voice is soothing and gives an innocence and honest quality to her music that lends itself well to the indie pop genre.  Her lyrics are uplifting, easy to relate to, and show a depth of emotion and experience that the lightness of her voice does not necessarily convey on its own. 

The musical score behind Lily is also a perfect match for her voice and lyrical content.  Most of the first half of the album score is full of beautiful piano parts.  In the second half of the album, the score moves to more acoustic guitar backed tracks as well as a bit of keyboard, violin, and bass. Angelic harmonies and little to no percussion throughout help provide a consistent, light, folk music type of energy across the album.  One track I particularly recommend is “Can’t Help Who You Love” which provided a cool change up 2/3 of the way through the album with some slow, simple percussion and nice darker minor vocals. I’m a sucker for a good Disney soundtrack, and I could very much see this track as the song by a title character in a Disney epic similar to Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, or Mulan.


Born in England, part-Irish, part-Welsh songstress Lily approaches pop music with a breadth of musical history in her blood. Like other non-conformists such as Bjork and Enya, Lily is able to put an indelible stamp of originality on her sound, making it all the more appealing to the rest of the world.

A few years back, after graduating Law School with Honors, Lily followed her heart to New York City to pursue her dream of music. While keeping up with the hectic pace of the city and performing in a myriad of NY musicals and Off-Broadway productions, Lily penned her own music backstage, in rehearsals and in audition waiting rooms. Introduced to the world of recording through late night gatherings around Long Island City, a friend introduced her to the folks at Spin Studios and Lily entered the studio to record her first studio album, Life of Lily.

LilyLily’s voice conjures up Juliana Hatfield and other MTV Hit Makers from the 1990’s. Though her folk pop would feel right at home with the Reality Bites milieu, Lily retains her English charm and like another well known Brit with the same first name, sings in a Cockney accent over retro productions sweetened with the layering of 50’s girl group harmonies.

Life Goes On, the first single to be released from the album, is a reminder to forget the little things that can get you down. The songs have a palate cleansing optimism, making for an ideal mood enhancer on those less than spectacular days.
Thinking back to the struggle of staying in the US to pursue her work, Lily states “Even when things are looking dreary, life will go on with endless potential.”  Lily shares her love of music and positive outlook on life through teaching children and along with those children, performing seasonal concerts for charity with Young Actors Christmas Charity Outreach.

The influences of her motherland and native roots are embedded in her musical DNA but Lily has her sights locked on the Indie Scene stateside. With songs that beckon the listener to sing along, things are looking promising for the Life of Lily.

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