“Banksters” Album, Representing the 99% |Absoloot – Florida

Posted: November 5, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Non-Local Bands
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Banksters_Album_CoverDynamically ranging between spitting hard-hitting lyrics about political bull and groovy, upbeat jams about looking forward with a fresh, positive mind, Absoloot‘s latest album, “Banksters”, is full of fresh, intelligent anthems for the underdog, the voiceless, the underprivileged, and anyone who isn’t in the 1%! This album is a “must-buy”!

Sounds Like: Jay-Z, NAS, Pittbull, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Common 

Label: As I Am Records

Buy the 12-track ‘Banksters’ album on CD Baby!

Part of the proceeds of all song purchases go to CARE to help fight poverty around the world.

Coming hard out of the Florida scene, Absoloot has produced a quality album in “Banksters” that is easy to identify with; explores the fusion of rap, hip-hop, dance, jazz, and house; delves into a broad variety of topics and emotions.   Every word on this album is said from the heart and is a messaged conveyed to motivate the listener into some desired action.   The music itself is diverse from song to song, and each time you think you’ve heard all there is, this album delivers a new mix of beats and attitude.  This album is packed with content you can sink your teeth, and your heart, into.

absolootArtist Bio:
Born into a world where any dream can be a reality, Absoloot embraces an industry that has made and broke countless individuals before him. Absoloot and As I Am records are creating a movement all on their own. Great music is not created, but birthed through passion and personal experience. Unlike many of his predecessors, Absoloot has the versatility, flexibility, determination and most importantly the talent to not only succeed but dominate a genre that lacks the luster it once had. Absoloot uses intelligent lyrical content and live instruments to attract listeners and offers them a deeper message than the prescribed money and cars routine implemented by many rappers within the hip hop vein. Absoloot’s catalogue gives listeners a refined brand of hip hop that is intelligent and complete with old and new school style. The powerfully relevant and current track “99%” is an emotional outpouring written and conceived by Absoloot in the heart of the Occupy Movement that’s recently taken the United States by storm. Through his lyrics, Absoloot demonstrates his support and shows solidarity for the majority of people not in the 1 percent, who are cornered by lack, corruption and misuse of power by politicians and leaders misrepresenting the people and leaving the remaining 99 percent to struggle. The single features themes about the troubled economy and how the majority of people struggle to survive. Absoloot approaches every track, calm, cool and collected and this has made him a universal force to be reckoned with. His style has no boundaries and crosses all borders and is easily acceptable by any nationality, race, or age. Absoloot is all about change for the better one listener at a time.

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