2013 Dayton Band/Artist of the Year Contest

Posted: November 18, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Music Connection News
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You can now vote for the 2013 Dayton Band/Artist of the Year Contest and play a role in who will win!  We have pre-selected our choice of bands and artists from our catalog  as options in the vote, but you can add one additional choice of your own!  You can also choose up to 3 options and vote once per day!

Voting will run from November 18th, 2013 until December 16th, 2013 at 9p.m.   Winner will be announced on Januray 1st, 2014.


* Final vote results will be calculated and posted on 12/17/13.

We’ll choose the 2013 Band/Artist of the Year based upon the following:

1.) the band/artist current location must be from Dayton +/- roughly 30 miles
2.) availability and quality of online recordings
3.) overall skill level of music
4.) quality of page(s) content
5.) personal taste of Music Connection- Dayton, OH
6.) reach the top 30 in votes received

In January 2014, our 2013 Band/Artist of the Year will receive:

– 1 promotional blog posting of 150+ words, including photos, links, bio, upcoming shows, etc.
– 1 Facebook ad campaign valued at $20
– 1 year listing on our blog as band/artist of the year
– 1 year listing on our Facebook page as an always featured Like
– band/artist image icon, winner notation, & details on our blog listing
– 50+ song plays
– cover photo promotion

Happy Voting, and don’t forget that you can vote once per day to help your favorite band/artist reach the top!

  1. Pattie says:

    What a phoney bogus contest, WE voted for the best band, and now you tell us they didn’t win, why have a contest at all…your gonna pick who YOU WANT…. NOT who WE want. I am sure The newspaper will be happy to hear what you have done, and tell the community what a fake bogus contest this was!


  2. Dear EVERYONE, I very much appreciate all of your feedback and comments.
    Several comments here have been modified for their language and defamatory commentary or have not been approved at all. I reserve the right not to approve, or to remove, specific comments for their negative and defamatory commentary. PLEASE refrain from name calling and bashing other people’s music. This is just a simple contest and is not the end of the world. Even if you feel someone else was rude to you first, there’s no need to give it back. Thoughtful commentary about the scene is welcome because everyone has a different opinion, but reverting to specific calling out of individuals or bands/artists will NOT be tolerated!

    Music Connection is the one who determined who was allowed to be in the contest, and that included everyone this time around. Additionally, it was our site that chose the voting format and rules. If anyone wants someone to be upset with, it should be me. To prevent this kind of controversy, I may choose to separate our contests in the future or modify voting rights or limit the bands/artists allowed to enter somehow, but it would be most helpful if folks would not bash each other or complain about being all lumped together. I definitely can appreciate all of your points of view, but we’re all here playing and/or making music or supporting it. The point of my page is to celebrate the richness and diversity and depth of the music scene here in Dayton and to motivate this scene to work together and realize that together we’re all stronger than we would be individually.
    As for any band jumping in the rankings, this contest was set to limit voting by IP and by cookies, but it was not foolproof. No matter how closely anyone was watching this contest, they can’t possibly have any concrete evidence that anyone was cheating, only speculation. Anyone could have voted multiple times each day simply by having a home computer, a cell phone, and a tablet, and that is not cheating… it’s taking advantage of a loophole. Many participants came into the contest late, but we had 1,000-2,000 hits per day for the last week of the contest, and they certainly weren’t all for one band/artist. They were multiple people voting as much as they could. It’s also true that you won’t find many contests that can stop this kind of multiple voting outside of those run by major, well sponsored pages/entities (which we are not, yet), and even then, they probably encourage rather than discourage this kind of behavior (Think American Idol and other voting competitions). I knew going in that voting contests are always unpopular with some folks because of stuff like that and because it’s a “popularity contest”. THAT is why I made this a 2-part contest with clear expectations about the requirements and why everyone now is starting at the same level and the votes don’t matter going into round 2.

    How about we just congratulate everyone who made it to the top 30 and maybe stop over and check out their pages and listen to their music and be happy that we’re here on the planet today alive and able to listen to whatever we want!!! 😀


  3. Steve Butts says:

    I have been reading the comments posted on your link ; good contest/ bad contest, original artist/ cover artist, amateur / professional etc. This is an age old controversy that really comes down to the two main musical choices ;writer or live performance artist. 250 years ago Mozart was one of the few artists that was equally adept at composition and live performance. Most musicians excel at one or the other, Bob Dylan is a genius with a pen, not so much with a guitar and a microphone. Jeff Beck on the other hand is a virtuoso guitarist but is not much of a lyrical powerhouse .So who is the better artist? You can’t compare apples and oranges, Dylan or Beck. Who is the better artist , Dvorak for writing the concerto in B minor for cello or Yo Yo Ma for performing it. Is Jimi Hendrix’s original version of Little Wing infinitely more important than Stevie Ray Vaughan’s or Jeff Beck’s cover versions?
    When it comes to making a living in the local music business it is virtually impossible for the average original band to make any money, even if they are the 1% that can actually writes a decent tune. On the other hand if you are a competent live performance artist you can make a little money. For the” business savvy” highly skilled live artist who can play the right material for a bar crowd and keep the overhead low ,a living wage is possible with a 5 day work week, even in Dayton, Ohio. When the old timers (like me) talk about the Dayton music scene of 30 years ago there were many clubs in town that provided live music 6 nights per week which resulted in hundreds of musicians making full time livings in performance. While the venues are fewer and only one or two nights per week , it is still possible , but much harder to make a decent living. If you have several different live projects (I have 3) with a variety of styles and band sizes (aka different prices) it is still a possibility.
    As far as the contest goes, the top 30 are decided by how many people vote for the bands in the area and then the “best band” is chosen by your staff. I see that many of the “top bands” have two hundred or so total votes, my band as well as the 15 or so other full time pro cover bands in Dayton, have several thousand fans each on our email lists. If a few of these bands decided to be involved with this or any other local contest by asking our fans to vote , the numbers would blow up. There are local cover bands in Dayton with members who used to be in national recording and touring groups, there are local band members who have many recording credits as well as bands with years of studio experience So its a “bit of a slap in the face” , when amateur garage bands are grouped in the same poll with experienced professionals.
    To the local original artists who were writing in your comment section complaining that “cover artists” should not be included and are are somehow beneath them I would like to quote John Prine ,who when asked why he started writing his own songs, he said it was ” because he couldn’t sing or play well enough to cover hit songs to play in clubs so he wrote songs that were simple enough for him to do”. Cover / original, country/ rock, blues / jazz, live or recorded, amateur/ professional, garage band / full time -all are very different and impossible to rate or compare. Good luck choosing a winner, I wouldn’t want to make that decision.
    Steve Butts


    • S.W. says:

      That’s really touching Steve. It’s cute that you care so much about the cover bands to break down how “things work” to all of us. You must be an expert. As a Dayton area music FAN (not an artist in the least), it is sad to see so many original artists that are talented in writing and performing (yes you can have BOTH), get lost in the shuffle to bands that play other peoples music. If you and the cover band posse of Dayton want to make a living playing other peoples music at bars and wedding’s then that is your prerogative. This contest should be geared toward the artists that work hard at writing their music while working full time jobs, raising families and practicing hard while earning nickle and dime paychecks because they are doing something they believe in and are proud of. Like it or not, there is nothing original about a cover band and nothing interesting about people in their 50’s and 60’s reminiscing about the “good times” by screaming out 70’s and 80’s by dancing on table tops and wearing bell bottoms. Sure, everyone likes the old stuff sometimes but this is not the place for it. Regarding the voting, I have been watching this contest diligently and I find it odd that a certain band can go from not even being on the charts, to being in the top 3 in less than a week. Then, when it comes down to the wire they amazingly jump an astonishing amount of votes. They might have a good fan base, but I fail to believe that ANY band in this area can make votes jump so quickly in a matter of hours. Something fishy is going on and I know I am not the only one that smells it. The whole “cover band vs. original band” debate wouldn’t even be an issue if this was an HONEST voting contest but it is clear that people have found a way around the once a day voting rule. Hopefully next year this voting controversy will be better controlled and monitored. As of now though, I hope to see one of the many hard working original artist win this contest.


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