Kenny Baker Benefit 11.2.13

Posted: November 19, 2013 by snailmailus in Show Reviews & Pictures

This was a great Benefit for Kenny Baker, lots of people were there. this was a kids friendly event till 8:00 pm, then the bands started to play and the kids had to go. This was a awesome show for such a great person. So many people were there to help Kenny out.

Here are all the people and business that helped out and gave their time.

Paul Volbert, Dane Sieber, Ron Finn, Jamie Buchanan, Dan Kendall, Jeri Baumann, Eric Baumann, Harry Howard, Pamela Hildebrand, Shanda Browning, Amy Schock, Terry Brennan, Christie Crabtree, Steve Smith, Dave Whitacker from Radio Shack, Matt Stump, Joe (sorry no last name), Wayne & Emily Ulery, Renuka & Lee, Pat Cratan’s Craft Centers, Michelle Carter of Dyer Gerafalo Mann & Shultz, Brian Pfenning, Tammy Baker, Ohio Cosmo Beauty Academy, Pat’s Salon, Chuck E. Cheese, Jeff Wyler, Macys, Snap-On, Sears, Blankets and More, Frickers, Rustiques, A Taste of Gourmet, JC Pennys, and a huge thank you goes out to Shawn and Carrie Radimachir.

Blanche Devereax  was the 1st band to play for the night and they started everything off on right foot by tearing the place up with some hardcore metal. Mike was playing his guitar like crazy playing both the rhythm, lead with no effort, and singing through it all. Josh Vetters playing his bass like crazy, going up and down the frets. Danny playing the drums like crazy.

Enkiridian was 2nd for the night and they played some southern doom/ trucker metal, blending hardcore thrash with some incredible breakdowns. It was great, they all dressed up like characters from Mario racing, and it was an awesome sight to see. Cody Clark playing his bass: jumping all over the garage and doing some great back-up vocals. Steven Wyatt, John Er and Andy Reo playing the guitar’s, becasuse they were 3 of them playing it made the music so dynamic. Shaun Hall was on the drums playing the epic breakdowns. Jeff Horner’s vocals were insane screaming with such conviction on all the songs.

The Reefer Hut was the 3rd band, they are a Piqua Icon of Metal and thrash, and these guys come from all over Ohio. They play like men possessed and are amazing at what they do, getting the whole crowd in to the show; everybody was head banging like crazy and throwing around the horns \m/. These guys have been on the scene for a while; there have been lots of change ups in the line-up over the years, currently there are 5 members: Neilson Hixson playing rhythm/lead guitar, Jason Hellman bringing up the solo’s and rhythm as well. Eric Baumann was playing the bass, playing lines of old hardcore metal.  Adam Baumann and Jacoby Jason tearing up the vocals, going back and forth between singing, screaming, and rapping. On drums was Brian Harris, this man can play so well, really nailing the drums with ease, he is really as master of the kit.

Last to play was the band Sometimes 5, these guys were a real treat to see play, having not played for a while.  Adam Baumann was on vocals screaming and singing some really awesome songs.  Eric Baumann was on the Bass.   George Tucker on the drums, this drummer has some crazy fast hands playing with such contentment. Gary Pelini is the guitar player, and was playing some hardcore riffs, making everybody go crazy !!

Pictures of people and bands !!

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