The 2013 Band/Artist Has Been Decided! How Did We Do It?

Posted: December 29, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News

The results are in, and we’ll be releasing the winner in just a couple of days! I definitely thought this was a very interesting contest! Honestly, you, our readers, exceeded all of our expectations as far as voting and supporting your favorite bands, with over 10,000 votes by the end of the contest and the most interesting comments and feedback on our blog that we’ve had all year! I knew that you would nominate some awesome projects, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each of the 30 bands and artists that were nominated this year!  For those of you who were maybe left wondering why your favorite band/artist didn’t make our top 30 or top 5, here’s some follow up info:

The band/artist I voted for was awesome but didn’t make your top 30.   Why did you have to include a “popularity contest” into this event?

Part of what I was looking for in the band/artist of the year is a project from which many people locally were receiving benefits/enjoyment, and voting is an easy way to relay this benefit.   If a band or artist is not out growing their fan base consistently and often, any fan base they have could become stagnant and start to wither away. Ultimately, that means fan support is at least a partial measure of what a band or artist is doing successfully to grow their base and support their music and should be considered seriously when making a determination about a “best” band or artist of the year.

The band/artist I voted for had one of the highest vote counts but didn’t make the top 5.  What the heck happened?

In our previous contests, we relied solely on “fan” votes to determine our monthly featured bands/artists.   Throughout 2013, many of our readers shared their thoughts and feelings that they felt this is a somewhat unfair way to determine the “best” band/artist for any contest since it relies solely on fan votes and does not properly account for variances in skill levels between different bands.  We agreed, so we modified this contest and stated from the start that votes alone would not determine the winner.  We apologize if this was unclear to some of our readers and will work hard to make sure that the contests are clearer in the future.

So you didn’t include voting results in Round 2 and the results were totally different than the voting… How DID you decide who made the top 5?

Each of the top 30 bands/artists from Round 1 Fan Voting were reviewed and awarded a final Round 2 score out of a total possible 100 points.  The final score was then divided by a factor of 10 to award a final rating on a scale from 0.0 to 10.0 and determine the Top 5.  For those readers who want to know more, a more detailed file on the scoring and observations about the results can be found HERE.

You can give us feedback about the contest HERE.



We’re getting excited to let you know who our winner will be, great stuff about our Top 5 and some honorable mentions from our Top 30!  We hope you’ll stay tuned and check it out!

  1. Linda says:

    You cannot change the contest rules once it starts. Very unprofessional. Shows disrespect for all the bands, and the people who follow them. Booooo to Music Connection – Dayton!!


    • Hi Linda. There was never any change in the rules. Our initial contest posting listed all rules and requirements. They were also posted on our Facebook page and Facebook event. If you have a specific rule that you would like to comment on, please let me know as it would help me to clarify rules further in future events, but it sounds like you’re referring to the round 1 voting not being the sole determining factor of the winner. We were actually trying to pay respect to the acts and their fans by having the fans be the ones to nominate (not us) and then giving each act an equal chance to win based on a specific and uniform set of standards about their skill, style, overall online package, and our personal choice (versus just being a popularity contest). All of these items were listed as being part of the contest, but we realize that details will need to be clearer if we choose to have future contests. We have made the guidelines for the round 2 review available here on the site to provide an additional level of transparency about round 2. You can find that info here: I hope this helps provide some additional clarity about the contest, but if not, I’m here to try and help answer your questions and address your concerns.


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