BlindSide Thunder Rocks In Their Second Studio Album, The Storm!

Posted: January 10, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Non-Local Bands
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The_Storm_Cover2If you’re looking for some crunchy, driving, good-time hard rock, then New England area band, BlindSide Thunder‘s album, The Storm, is going to be right up your alley!

The Storm is BlindSide Thunder’s (BST) first full-length album, and was released originally in May of 2013. This album is packed full of high-energy jams ranging in style from a more southern crunch with short but hooky leads to more speedy, punk-influenced jams to just straight hard rock!  The Storm is a solid pick for the crew looking for a somewhat diverse, but still mainstream, hard rock album for their next party.   Check out my favorite tracks “Blue Agave”, “She Wants Sex”, and “Take Me Down”!


BlindSide Thunder is an aggressive, original rock band. Founder, lead vocalist and guitarist John E Wilde had a vision for a grassroots resurgence in simple hook laden rock music. This vision started ot become a reality when he found two other musicians with the same frame of mind: Gerry Sayong resides behind the drum kit where the thunderstorm starts and Dan D’Alessio keeps the low end under control. Mike Green’s history playing in a Marine Corps. cover band with both John and Gerry made him a logical addition to the group and he joined the BST camp in November of 2013 to help promote current material and participate in the writing of BST’s third studio album.  Released in May of 2013, BST’s second studio album, The Storm, shows the diversity and commitment to fun party rock with a purposeful foundation in musicianship.  They showed an amazing maturity from the first EP “The Truth Hurts”, and have begun to establish a solid vector towards success!


Elvis Presley, The Ramones, Motley Crue, Ozzy, KISS, Buddy Holly, etc.


All the way from Columbus, Ohio, John E. Wilde brings the homegrown Midwest hard rock and southern fried side.  Growing up on country music John E spread his wings and enjoyed styles from Detroit scene to the Nashville best from 1960 -1976.  Around 1977 John E discovered the rockin sounds of Judas Priest, Ozzy and Black Sabbath.  Other influences in his music were the southern styles of Skynard, Hatchet, Blackfoot, and the over the top playing of Van Halen, Kiss, Nugent and Ozzy.

Dan “Double D”, hails from New England and brings a brash splash of the New York Punk scene and bad boy rock reminiscent of the Ramones and Motley Crue. Dan also enjoys trying to press the limit so that fans can here favorable changes in the music but have a warm feel and a place to let out the aggression from their youth.

The General, Gerry Sayong, hails from the west coast.  This San Francisco native is well versed in all heavy rock styles from Pat Boon, Elvis to Five Finger Death Punch.  This seasoned pro has catapulted BST and has laid the foundation that makes BST a force to be reckoned with.  The ‘Monsters of Rock’ genre has a new player.

Mike Green has been a staple in the Massachusetts Original Rock scene for many years.  Mike’s experience with bands like ‘Chrysalis’, ‘By Any Means’ and ‘Love & Opium’, his energetic stage presence and powerful guitar playing adds additional dimension to BlindSide Thunder.

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