Blue Moon Soup-2013 Music Connection-Dayton’s Band Of The Year

Posted: January 16, 2014 by The Dayton Scene in Local Music News

Yellow Springs has interesting characteristics and attractions.  The town presents a calm atmosphere with quaint businesses for those who live in the city or for those who come to visit.  At one section of the city is the popular pizza establishment that individuals drive from all around to check out-Ha Ha Pizza.  The city also features the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, which showcases the best in contemporary and classic cinema for more than 80 years.  Art engulfs all around, giving the city a charm that stands out above most others.  Yellow Springs also is starting to see its music scene thrive as of late.  One band in particular that is making a claim that Yellow Springs music is blossoming is Blue Moon Soup, 2013 Music Connection-Dayton’s Band of the Year.

Blue Moon Soup Blue Moon Soup comprises of Jon Bauman, Robbie Marion, Brendan Moore, and Justin Moon.  Believe or not, the moniker of  the band didn’t actually come because of Moon being in the band.  The name actually comes from a friend of the band who  resides in Pennsylvania, Josh Enos.  Enos recorded a song for his project Ortega Fuerte a song Moon Soup that everyone loved.  “First the name was ‘Moon Soup’ and then we had another friend of ours said we should call the band ‘Blue Moon Soup’ and it has  been with us ever since”, explained Robbie.

On St. Patrick’s Day in 2010, the original lineup, consisting of Marion and Moore, along with two other individuals performed  their first show.  During the first year, Blue Moon Soup incorporated various people to play a variety of instruments during their  shows in search of trying to define their sound.  Unfortunately the integrating of several sounds not only didn’t work for the group, but it just didn’t sound to what the expectations were.  “The vision wasn’t completely there yet.  We were just trying to play”, Bauman said when discussing about the early stages of the ensemble.  Moon joined the band this past year after one of the guitarists left the band to pursue other things.  With Moon joining the others, he brought something that adds a nice little wrinkle to the band-his 10-year-old pit-bull named Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Soup’s first album ‘Lonely Mountain’ was released in 2011.  The 8-track record showcased the band’s direction into where they wanted to go.  The songs on ‘Lonely Mountain’ highlight rich bluegrass driven play.  To the guys in the group, the album wasn’t a true reputation of what they were capable of.  So for the next album, which was released online September 2013, the quartet expanded on their vision of where they wanted their music to go.  The album was recorded in Moon’s attic throughout the months of June-August.  To make sure that the new album wouldn’t go the way the previous went-a more detailed approach to the whole process was established.  By going by this philosophy, the self-titled album immediately demonstrates the work they put in.  Throughout the album, folk rock crashes into with bluegrass play of the band’s origins.  The first song from the album ‘Six In The Grave’ wets your appetite with Celtic-inspired guitar and mandolin play.  ‘This Is Blythe’ is a psychedelic jam fest that will give you an excuse to let yourself be free and sway to the music.  ‘Oriental Express’ is an instrumental only song that simply defines how Celtic folk unified with some deep violin play can easily be hypnotic to the music fan everywhere.

Speaking of psychedelic jam fests, fans of said type festivals sure have had the pleasure of seeing Blue Moon Soup.  The band could be seen yearly at The Werk Out Festival that is held in September in Central Ohio. The first Werk Out Festival the band played was when I felt like we became an official jam, four piece band”, Moore says.  Be expecting Blue Moon Soup to be there again at the festival this year, along with some other festivals.  In the next couple of weeks, the band will be hitting the road to play gigs in Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, and Chicago starting at the end of the month.

Congrats to Blue Moon Soup on winning the 2013 Band of the Year from Music Connection-Dayton.  To check out more, click on their website or check out the bands Facebook page here.

And make sure you say hi to Blue Moon, the wonderful pit-bull.  She’s a Yellow Springs staple…


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