Music Connection 1 Year Anniversary – Looking Back & Looking Forward

Posted: March 3, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News
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logoblue copyMusic Connection – Dayton, Oh has officially been around for a whole year!  THANK YOU!     This last year has been amazing because it has brought me out of my shell to a community of amazingly talented and wonderfully sincere musicians and music lovers!   To those of you who stopped by to share something on the Facebook wall or like and share posts or sent me an email that you like the site and use it often… to anyone who has found new music or a new venue or a new open mic through our page… to all the amazing musicians who I’ve met over the last year, and to my friends, family, and to my biggest supporter (You know who you are) – you’ve been a HUGE part of what has kept me going and inspired and THAT is why you ROCK!   This site is all about sharing the amazing experience we call “music” and without YOU, that just wouldn’t be possible!


When I started this project officially last March, I think it had already been brewing in my head for a long while.   I love music, and it’s been a part of my life basically from the moment I was born.   I’m an introverted person for the most part though, and that has long kept me afraid to take chance, afraid to share myself, and out of the loop.   I spent a number of years getting away from my musical roots, but over the last decade, I started getting back to them and found really cool and talented groups of musicians all over Springfield and Dayton.

For the last four years or so, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of an amazing group of musicians called Killed By Art who have supported and encouraged me and helped me get back in touch with how much music really means to me.  More than that though, they have helped me find a self-confidence that was never really there before.   This group of guys and the music that we have created together and all my experiences being involved with local music, more specifically – original music, have taught (and in some ways, just reminded) me that the live music experience is supposed to be about really sharing an experience, of yourself and with others.   It’s about that interaction of sound and mind and body for all within in earshot,  and it’s about the musician(s) trying to get to a point where they really and truly share themselves when they play their songs.

In recent years, I’ve finally reached a point where I can share myself on a stage and not feel terrified that everyone will think I look stupid or that they’ll all walk out.  I’ve learned enough about myself to know that I have to save up my social energy a lot of times (not give it away) so that I can make sure to give everything when I perform, because that’s what we all deserve when it comes to music – whole-hearted, unabashed, soul-revealing vibrations.  I realized that I LOVE to perform and would really like to perform more, so I started collecting these big lists of bands to play with  in and venues to play at in and around Dayton.

In December 2012, a number of things lead me to make a huge change in my life and make my biggest, riskiest move ever…. I quit my steady, but highly stressful, day job of eight years to focus on music.  I started by joining a second band, a very different band from the other one, and suddenly found myself keeping double the lists of information.  I searched online frequently for this kind of information, so I knew that there a number of local sites that kept basic information, but none of these sites on their own really gave me what I was looking for.  Something clicked while I was watching a documentary on Netflix back that December, and I had this idea to create Music Connection to help us all share and connect more easily here in our local scene and eventually harness that collective power to reach new audiences.   I knew that I couldn’t be the only one who felt that we all needed a better way to connect and pool our resources, and I thought that I might just have many of the skills to bring our scene a little closer together.


In March 2013, I officially launched Music Connection – Dayton, OH on Facebook, and I’ve tried to stay focused on always looking forward to the next step!  I really LOVE the opportunity to grow my skills and help promote our local music scene.   If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know that Music Connection has evolved a lot since then!  It started out as just a Facebook page with some custom tabs and a dedicated band/artist news feed.  It quickly grew into having monthly contests, featured bands/artists, and paid support to local featured acts.  Next, it evolved to having a dedicated blog where I could share news and reviews (this is my 178th post), and I even gained a couple of great local writers! Now here I am, 1 year in, a new website launched, 1400+ likes, and countless views and shares later, and I’m still ready to keep looking forward!

Here are some of the changes going forward:
mc header copy*   Music Connection has now purchased an official website domain located at!
I’ll continue to maintain the blog, upcoming news and reviews  here on WordPress, but all of the resources that I previously offered have been updated and moved to the new site!  The new site has a LOT of updates and is much simpler organization-wise, so please stop over and check it out!  It does require you to become a member to access a couple of features, but it’s really quick and free to do!

featured banner mar-14 copy*   I’m moving away from having a single featured band/artist each month and contests to determine the winner. I’ve found that featuring one band or artist each month is not even remotely sufficient to cover the wealth of talent in the area at any given time.   Instead, I’ll be featuring a new genre or genres each month with several local featured bands/artists. In fact, I’ll have my first posting up on that shortly and am REALLY excited to start sharing this with you!  I will choose the bands/artists to be featured each month to avoid the unpleasant feelings that just seem to develop from anything to do with a voting contest.    Since I currently run this page solo, it’s easiest for me to just pick who I think should be featured.  However, if you would like to join me in my efforts, I would welcome the opportunity to share this important part of the site!

DMC_site_screenshot2*  The Local Music Resource Center, which contains all my listings for acts, venues, open mics, etc… is now available while you’re on Music Connection on Facebook!  Just click on the tab “Bands/Venues/Open Mics/More” and make sure to register as a member!   You’ll be able to quickly filter our 375 band/artist listings by location, 2 different style options, and by genre, and all of our other resource listings can also be filtered depending on what you want.

Tell us what you think!

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