Jayne Sachs Grabs Your Heart & Never Lets Go | Featured Singer-Songwriter / Dayton, OH

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News
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Jayne Sachs is the quintessential singer-songwriter. She is deeply rooted in her history. She is emotionally vulnerable, sincere, and relevant to her audience. She is also talented and in touch with both her voice and her instrument. Because of these qualities, she has been a part of and influenced the Dayton music scene and beyond for many years. While she started as a singer-songwriter performing solo on local stages and continues to perform solo, she is often backed by an amazingly talented group of musicians in Steve Van Etten, Scott Shiverdecker, and Kelly Morelock.

I recently had the pleasure of watching her perform solo at Angie’s All Stars Showcase where she captured the audience, myself included, from her first song to her last. I was privileged to be entertained by a number of songs off her 2005 album “Sutures” including “Celebrate Yourself” and “Give Me Your Eyes” as well as songs from her 2006 live album. Her song “Twisted Ballerina” though was ultimately my favorite of the night because it was gut-wrenching, in all the right ways. The recorded version of this song is even more powerful with dark, ominous keyboards elegantly combining with rhythm guitar to create dramatic underpinnings for her vocal melody and lyrics.

The overall lyrical patterns and phrasing in many of Jayne’s songs reminds me much of Alanis Morissette, which to me means that her lyrical timing and phrasing is usually on the off-beat and the lyrics themselves are emotionally raw and honest.  There’s also a sweetness, smoothness, and caring way to Jayne’s style though that’s more reminiscent of JewelFiona Apple, or maybe Poe.  All of these ladies, Jayne included, are representatives of an overall style that is strong, powerful, and unabashed, and I, for one, love all of them.  Look for Jayne around town and check out her five albums of recordings listed below.  Each one is filled with emotional depth and touching music that is hard to match.  Jayne has a number of April shows coming up that I’ll be telling you more about very soon!  If you see an opportunity to check out a performance live, don’t take it for granted; you won’t be disappointed!

Jayne Sachs Band Live! – May 06
Sutures CD – Feb. 2005
Velveteen Girl CD – 2000
It’s A Scream CD – 1997
Faye’s Flower CD – 1996

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGI4FjlnlhA]
  1. kevin says:

    Jayne is amazing!


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