March is Singer-Songwriter Month!

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News
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featured banner mar-14 copyThe focus over here at Music Connection Dayton has moved away from featuring one, vote-selected band/artist each month and towards featuring specific genres.  For the rest of 2014, I’ll be featuring a new genre(s) each month and several area artists who I think deserve your attention.   This month, I’m featuring local Singer-Songwriters, and I’ll be releasing spotlights this week on three very talented individuals:   Jayne Sachs, Paige Beller, and Will Cook!

Singer-Songwriters are the Life Blood of the Scene.   From the bards of olden days and rings of musicians around a campfire to raw and soul-baring performances in a dimly lit bar, singer-songwriters have long been the standard-bearers for storytelling and truth in music, and nowhere is this truer than in and around Dayton, OH.   This area is filled with amazing singer-songwriters, each telling a unique story about our history and their history, sharing life experiences, and looking to connect the past and the future with the here and now. 

While I’m only featuring 3 specific artists in detail this month, there are really a tremendous number of area singer-songwriters who deserve your attention.  Here are just a few that this area is currently home to:  Todd TheFox, Colleen Badenhop, Dakota Wright, Moroni Lane, Sharon Lane, Reyna Spears, Higgins Madewell, E Ryan Roth, Mandy Jewell, Brian Wells, Cindy Thompson, Jamie Murrell, and Victoria Harper.

Songwriting is an element of music that is crucial in keeping a music scene going in every city, everywhere, because it represents the core of every musical project that has ever been formed.  Make sure you support our local singer-songwriters and follow the Dayton music scene over at!

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