When rockers Mikey Brown and Jamey Deeter joined forces twenty years ago, they could only hope that Laughing Cattle‘s musical journey was just beginning. Now, twenty years and 8 albums later, Brown and Deeter are still the hearts that keep Laughing Cattle scratching that itch to write and perform original music!  The band has a number of live performances planned this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and word has it, they may even have some new material in the works for this year!  

Band:  Laughing Cattle
Hard Rock originals mixing Rock, Punk, Groove, Pop, and everything in between!
Location: Sidney, Oh
Band Members:   Mikey Brown: Vocals;   Jamey Deeter: Guitar;   Larry Donahue: Drums;   Scott Hoffman: Bass

Here are just a few of the great shows Laughing Cattle has coming up this year:

In the meantime, I was able to check out Laughing Cattle’s most recent album, “Redemption” (2011), which brings together hard rock, alternative, and a little bit of punk and metal for a tasty mix of sludgy, dirty rock jams that are sure to bring out your rowdy side! This 10-track album definitely has some really cool jams, and there’s enough diversity between, and in, the material to keep things interesting all the way through the album.   While the overall mixing of the album felt like it could have been more fine-tuned, songs like “Sanity’s End“, “This Judgement“, “Crucified“, and “What Have I Done made it easy to hear Laughing Cattle’s musical message and understand their energy.  I can easily imagine rocking out in my car to this album or at a live show!  If you’re looking for music that rocks and has that raw edge of metal and punk to it, Laughing Cattle is sure to please!

Bio: After stints in two bands together, Mikey Brown and Jamey Deeter hooked up to jam and write some songs in 1994, and the duo formed a bond that became the band, Laughing Cattle.  After their debut release in 1995, they recruited two other musicians and began playing live shows in the Sidney area. After many quality shows, the group released an EP
and a 2nd full-length album in 1998, but Laughing Cattle again became a duo in 1999. A few years rolled by with Brown and Deeter just writing songs and working with other bands, but in 2006, Laughing Cattle reemerged on the Sidney scene and began writing & playing live shows again. The band also worked hard and released their 3rd full-length CD in 2006 and an EP in 2007. With the addition of Larry Donahue on drums in 2008, the band’s 4th full-length album was released in late 2008, and Laughing Cattle spent several years performing regularly and writing new songs.  2011 saw the arrival of Scott Hoffman on bass, completing the band’s current lineup, and Laughing Cattle released its 5th full-length album in August 2011.

2014 makes the 20th anniversary of Laughing Cattle.  They have shared the stage with many great bands, wrote many quality songs that have stood the test of time, and evolved as one of the most respected area acts. The band’s music has also been played on radio shows such as Loud N Local on X107.5FM out of Lima, Rockstars Glued Radio, Radio One in Los Angeles, and many others.  Laughing Cattle is currently playing shows, writing new music and enjoying 20 years of making music

Prod – 1995  (full-length)
Something Old, Something New – 1998  (5-song EP)
Hawaiian Postal Carrier – 1998  (full-length)
Udder Madness – 2006 (Compilation)
Rawhide Mafia – 2007 (5-song EP)
Big Rock – 2008 (full-length)
Holy Cow!!! 15 Years of Laughing Cattle – 2009 (Compilation)
Redemption – 2011 (full-length) (on iTunes)

* This fellow band is supporting our local scene!  Go check them out!  If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

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