Haunting, Tasty Treats of Alternative Goodness from Secrets of a Wooden Hut | Melbourne, Australia

Posted: April 17, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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561967_266812246776850_426697310_nTwisting together haunting melodies, clean and crisp vocals, and powerful and dynamic riffs, Australian-based band, Secrets of a Wooden Hut, have exploded onto my radar with their powerful, new EP called “From the Outside“! The band currently only has samples of tracks publicly available, but today, I had the privilege of listening to and reviewing the entire EP!

“Secrets of a Wooden Hut” was originally started by Heath Mitchell (guitar) and Scott Murdoch (drums) who, after a long history of making and performing music, just wanted to create a great studio project.   They called on the services of producer Joshua Rumer of Invengo Productions in Los Angeles and moved forward with producing the sam2awesome 6-track EP featured here!  Before leaving L.A. to join the guys in Australia, Rumer called upon the services of bassist, Gregg Cash, to join the musical venture and who he knew would lend just the right amount of tasty bass to the project.   Once hitting Melbourne, the band raced to find a vocalist and record the EP.  After auditioning several candidates via Skype, the band chose a yet unknown singer by the name of Samantha Sharpe, and then they made the mad dash to record all the tracks and create their musical destiny!

Combining some of my favorite musical elements, the 6- track EP, “From the Outside”, has a tremendous amount of musical pleasure to offer mainstream alternative rock fans!  You can’t help but immediately focus on Samantha Sharpe’s beautiful vocals, which bring the perfect amount of strength, clarity, tenderness, and depth of character out of the EP.  Behind such strong vocals though, there needs to be strong support, and Mitchell, Murdoch, and Cash deliver! Together, they provide a supporting sonic wave of layers and haunting melodies and interesting twists and turns that grab you and don’t let go.   The EP did a great job at exploring various dynamics and sounds between songs as well, with a couple of songs having a more ballad and pop type sensibility while other tracks went more towards high energy, grungy riffs.   The overall mix and production were top notch and lent the album a professional sheen that is sure to make listeners take notice all over!

sam1My favorite tracks on the album were the title track, “From the Outside”, and “The Madness” and “Eternal Sleep”.
The EP’s title track, “From the Outside”, is a cool and modern alternative rock song.  The purity of the vocal melodies and lyrics along with the keyboards were, for me, immediately reminiscent of Amy Lee and Evanescence.  The song is big and powerful through and through, and the production team did not miss a beat pumping up the low end of the drums and bass to amp up the power factor.  The rhythms and music on this track were reminiscent of late 90’s and early 2000’s mainstream rock.
“The Madness” has a really cool noise intro and tribal beat and then breaks into a verse with a nice, laid back groove.  The chorus is big and dynamic, and the second time around the verse is just a little more intense with the drums now double time, which is a subtle build of energy into the second chorus. There’s a nice little change with an amped up breakdown and then back into the chorus while the lead guitar shines through from behind the vocals.  The guitar doesn’t overpower the vocals, and the vocals don’t overpower the guitar. It’s just the right amount thanks to the mad skills of the band and the production, mixing, and mastering team.
“Eternal Sleep” hits you right away with dirty, hard-hitting guitar, funky bass, and powerful drums, and this song really stuck out to me as different from the rest of the album.  The vocals chime in with attitude, and you’re ready to pounce on someone.  But wait, there’s the funky breakdown just to give you a breath, and then the whole band is right back to the high-energy verse and chorus.  The verses and chorus are drastically different vocally providing exactly what the ears need: variety.   A challenge today’s acts face is having the ability to display a depth of attitude between songs on an album (and between albums) so that they aren’t always delivering the same thing in every song.   After a while, the listener’s ears can become numb and tune out if they keep hearing the same tones and patterns again and again.  “From the Outside” already delivers a solid level of diversity in this EP, but “Eternal Sleep” really delivers the kicker to this EP and the power and energy that I’d like to see more of in the future!

Right now you can only check out samples of their songs online, but the whole album is a steal at just $0.99 per track!  Check them out! Give them a like!  Download the new EP, “From the Outside”!

Secrets of a Wooden Hut:   on iTunes        on Twitter         on Instagram        on Facebook

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