“Something Soft” is an Easy Win for These Young Fools! | Alternative Pop Rock – Seattle, WA

Posted: April 20, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News
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SSpromoThe brand new release, “Something Soft”, by These Young Fools is a cool mix of 90’s mainstream alternative rock, classic pop vocals, and today’s trends towards electronic dance music (EDM).

Something_SoftARTThe EDM movement has been growing strong in recent years, and “Something Soft” is a great match for this audience!  The slightly grungy electric guitars keep the song rooted in the alternative rock world, while the clean vocals and matched harmonies are immediately identifiable to the pop and mainstream realms.   This combined sound are fused with keys and fun dance beats to make “Something Soft” an easy win for These Young Fools!  Check it out today!

Hailing from Seattle by way of Albuquerque, These Young Fools set out to deliver a great compromise between the gritty, instinctive approach of indie rock, and the appeal and freshness of pop.

The band approaches their music with an unpredictable, eclectic twist, blending elements as diverse as layered synths, electric guitars with a vintage feel and shades of college rock. Think Jimmy Eat World meets Phoenix!

Following their debut album “Cardiac”, the band is now experimenting beyond the traditional full-length format, releasing music with a straightforward, innovative mind-set; in the form of online singles and EPs accompanied by online “webisodes” and music videos.

These Young Fools:
on the Web     on Facebook     on Reverbnation      on iTunes

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