A little over a week ago, I had the privilege of meeting with Dawn Montgomery of local Dayton company, Razdabar Sound & Management, to talk about their efforts in connecting the local scene!   I’d been seeing postings in local Facebook groups about their networking meetings in north Dayton that made me curious, but I had also heard that these meetings mostly involved the specific genres of rap, hip-hop, and R&B.  However, when I met with local music & entertainment attorney, Melissa Replogle, in late April, she had mentioned that Razdabar was looking to expand their meetings to include as many genres as possible, so I got a hold of Dawn and we met at the Razdabar studio here in Dayton for a tour and a chat!

The Razdabar Sound & Management office and studios are located right off of N. Dixie Dr. and I-75 with a prime location in north Dayton.  There’s a professional front office space right at the entrance and Dawn met me there to show me the rest of the studio.  A comfortable lounge area near the entrance and a full-size kitchen and restroom midway through the building help make this studio absolutely perfect for those long studio stays (and short ones too!)  Both sides of the main hallway display just some of the albums that master audio engineer, Moe Beats, has put out over the years.   Each sound booth is professionally designed and features closed caption television direct with Mr. Beats himself!   Moe has over 20 years of  experience in recording and audio engineering and has recorded numerous national artists as well as many new and up-and-coming artists.  While I didn’t get to meet with Moe on this trip as he was working on a recording project that afternoon, I did get to wave a quick hello through the TV system.

Dawn and I then sat down for a chat in their conference room located near the rear of the studio, where we discussed the networking meetings, Razdabar’s history and their plans for the future, and music and the local scene in general.

Each month for the last several months, Razdabar has held a local networking meeting of professionals in all areas of the entertainment business, completely free of charge, with the goal of connecting the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus markets.   Literally any type of local entertainment business professional is welcome to attend!  The first two meetings involved a lot of networking and meeting with new people. Their April meeting had great networking but also featured speaker Melissa Replogle, who gave a lot of great information and advice and answered questions from participants about art and entertainment law!   Click on the photo to the left to see a ton of great pictures from this event!   Razdabar Sound and Management highly encourages entertainment professionals from all genres and all forms of business to attend these great local meetings! The next one is on 6/21/14, so follow their page, watch for the details, and bring your CD’s, your flyers, your business cards, your mouth piece, anything you use to promote yourself in the music business!

Dawn and I also chatted for a bit about Razdabar’s history, and I found out that though they officially launched at this location in January of this year, Moe Beats has a long history in the local music business and is the head of the sound end of the business.   Dawn tells me that Moe has record numerous artists since the 80’s, and while the majority of his artists do come from the hip-hop end of the musical spectrum, he has a deep appreciation for all types of artists and is constantly seeking out new types of music and artists to get in to the studio!  If you’re looking to record with someone who has the right experience, skills, and tools for the job, contact Razdabar Sound and Management today to see what they can offer!

We also had a chance to discuss Razdabar’s annual involvement in the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards which is in its 9th year in 2014! Razdabar is hosting a Dayton artist showcase for the awards at One Eyed Jacks on 6/21, and this event will feature some awesome artists on the local front! They love working with OHHA each year and work hard planning for this event starting many months in advance!   Even though Razdabar has hosted a number of awesome events without issue, Dawn mentioned that sometimes they face resistance when booking the awards showcase and other hip-hop and rap shows in Dayton due to the larger size of most of their events as well as some other possible factors.  We talked shop about the scene and how we might help each other for a few more minutes.  I passed on a few venues I recommended they hit up, and then our meeting had to come to an end. If you are a local booking agent or venue owner who is open to creating a new scene at your establishment, contact Dawn Montgomery and Razdabar Sound and Management today!

I had a great time meeting with Dawn and appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule to meet with me and share information.   I’m very much looking forward to the June meeting and am planning to attend with Music Connection promotional material in hand!  I definitely encourage you to go check out Razdabar Sound and Management’s page, attend a networking meeting, and consider working with them on your next project!  They are an awesome local resource making waves right now in our local scene!

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