Hot New Single, “Crazy Heart”, Combines Pop & Hip Hop For a Top 40 Knockout! | Matthew Schultz Ft. Alessia Guarnera – New York

Posted: May 18, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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New York musician, actor, model and producer, Matthew Shultz, is again aiming for the top of the Pop, Hip Hop, and Top 40 charts with the release of his steamy, new single, “Crazy Heart”, on iTunes, featuring the beautiful and talented, Alessia Guarnera!  Already on a rising path to success with his previous hit songs and endeavors, “Crazy Heart” immediately grabbed my attention and never let go, and it is sure to be a hit with many pop and hip hop fans around the world!

CrazyHeart_ItunesI connected right away with the stripped down acoustic guitar and backing vocals from Schultz on the intro chorus.  With perfect reverb, they felt very personal and showed the singer-songwriter aspect of his style quite beautifully.   The song built perfectly into the first verse with simple percussive beats and then hit big when Shultz’s steamy baritone vocals came in. His vocal style easily vibes strong in the hip hop category in this song as he combines a lyrical style that is part rap and part singing with vocal effects that are urban and contemporary.

Alessia__1Guarnera’s rich and soulful vocals mesmerized and hooked me as she came in singing about the pain of heartbreak and setting the scene for the rest of the song.  All through the song, there are these tasty, little breaks in her vocal tone and just the slightest, raspy edge to certain notes that perfectly convey the pain she’s singing about.  She eloquently conveys strength and tenderness all in the same breath, easily making her a standout vocalist!

“Crazy Heart” will make your body sway. It will make you want to reach out to the one you love and draw them close to you, and it will remind you in a powerful way just how crazy love can make you feel!  All the joy and sadness and ups and downs are just part of what makes it so amazing when we find love for real, and “Crazy Heart” is sure to connect with fans across the globe!  Grab your copy of “Crazy Heart” on iTunes today for just $0.99 or stream it for free HERE!


Matthew Schultz has been in entertainment since his teen years.   After playing guitar in Chris Daughtry‘s first band, Matthew developed a passion not only for music, but for performing and has had several parts in films (including a role in the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises) and has been partnering with Ali Abouomar to produce and finance a multitude of films in the next five years, ranging from independent to Hollywood films.  Now, Matthew has gotten his hands back into his music and has been writing and producing and exploding all over the media. His digital footprint is gigantic. He has millions of views on his YouTube video “Money or Me” with Hip-Hop legend Jim Jones and has been covered by The Source MagazineMTVCNNSkope, Hype Magazine, Social Magazine, CBS NewsMSNBC, Starpulse and much much more! Matthew is continuing to explode onto the charts with his newest single “Crazy Heart”!

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton!  Go check out their music!  If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

  1. Best Song, nothing like it, combo of everything I love, NEW WAVE IN MUSIC!!! FIRE HOT!!


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