Hereafter’s Past Members Brings Different Style and Sound To New Band-Able Danger

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Able Danger

(Photo courtesy: Able Danger)

For six years, guitarist Chris Stewart embarked on a life where it didn’t involve playing music of any kind.  “My wife  and I  owned a bar in Southern Indiana at one point last year.  Closed it down.  Moved to Florida on a whim,” Stewart    explained.  Before the decision to step away from music, Stewart was occupying his days being part of a band that  continued to be off and on throughout their high school days and a little afterwards.  One of the bandmates took a job  in  Denver to work for a church’s cable television station doing audio.  “I got invited to go out there and work on a  project  with a different drummer that he met, who was a pastor at the church.”  Stewart received the demos, bought  an airline  ticket, and flew out.  Soon after-Stewart comes back, packs his belongings and moves to Denver.

Things were moving along according to plan till the drummer takes a job of being a pastor in New York.  Stewart also  was  involved in a car accident in downtown Denver.  Luckily for Stewart the injuries weren’t life-threatening, but it  made him  come back to Ohio.  Having a family ultimately led Stewart to take a hiatus from music.  The time away gave  Stewart the  clear headed mindset to explore other opportunities.  However-music was in his blood.  “I looked at my  wife and told  her that I needed to get back to do what I was put on this earth to do,” Stewart says.  The bags were  packed and Stewart  moved back up to Ohio.

For Chris Stewart, timing was everything.

If you really start to peel away the inner layers of the band that Stewart’s current in, Able Danger, you start to notice  that timing is everything for everyone involved.  Nikki Luttrell (vocals/keyboard), Ben Willis (drums, Jason Winner (bass) along with Stewart are currently hard at work on the debut EP for Able Danger.  Working alongside with producer/engineer Matt Baltes in Vandalia, For Luttrell, Willis, and Winner-this is the beginning of a new chapter in their long journey together.

In 2010, Winner and Willis, along guitarists Jon Becker and Nick Kostoff, were kicking around some songs and even had some recorded in the studio.  Things would soon fall through, and Six Cloves disbanded.  Lucky for the remaining members of Six Cloves, Luttrell came to try her hand in singing the songs that were already produced.  The group jammed on the 8 songs that were laid down, and also worked on some new material for a year and a half.  “This was the first experience that we have together where we are all doing it together”, Willis says.  Hereafter was formed.


In the two and a half years Hereafter were together, they released some music and started building a small buzz around the rock scene in town.  “Once Nikki got onboard, things really started to take off for us”, Willis mentions.  However, Becker decided to step down from the band.   Playing in several bands throughout the years led to Becker to become burnt out, according to WIllis.  With Becker leaving, the lasting people affiliated with the band decided to keep moving forward.  “We were going to continue as a three piece and just write songs as a three piece,” Willis mentioned.  “I don’t know if we were going to keep the name.  It made some progress in the few weeks we had.  It was literally a few weeks when the time the three of us were jamming by ourselves before he (Stewart) came in.”

Stewart arrived back in town and contacted Willis and Winner.  “I had been in contact with Ben and then Matt about doing a side project from Hereafter,” he states.  Although the intention wasn’t to join what was the remains of Hereafter, Stewart joined up with the trio a few practices.  “We said that the only acceptable person that we know of to join was Chris Stewart.  And he happened to fall onto our lap.  Perfect.”

Once again-timing.

With the short time that Able Danger have been together, the band’s momentum that was abruptly derailed with Hereafter’s peaceful dissolution as now picked up.  Along with the recording of the EP, the quartette have slated a large number of shows throughout the summer and fall.  This past winter, Able Danger opened for hard rock bands Sick Puppies and Lacuna Coil for the Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Rock Tour stop in Columbus, Ohio.  The band got the opportunity to play the show by winning a contest that required the band’s fans to go and vote for them on Facebook and online.  The contest lasted ten days.  “We have been together two, maybe three months”, says Willis.  “By the time the show came, we had five originals ready to go.”  The show went off without a hitch, and the experience was remarkable.

Able Danger have hopes to have the EP released on iTunes around Labor Day this year.  The first song the band released, “Chaos” presents the evolution of the group’s

(Photo courtesy: Glenn Pine Photography)

(Photo courtesy: Glenn Pine Photography)

previous projects coming into one.  The somber, ambient beginning of the song makes way to frenetic thunderous guitar riffs.  The melancholy tone that Luttrell projects in not only her vocals but with her keyboard.  The snarling guitar and bass from Winner and Stewart.  The free-roaming, progressive drums from Willis.  Able Danger present an astounding, atmospheric rock song that will leave an imprint on listeners and fans from past, present.

The work that Able Danger is putting in is starting to slowly show.  The goal is to have their audience connect to the music on a deeper, much more personal level.  “Ultimately as a band, and individually, we want to play our music and if one person hear and they love it-then this is a success”, Willis explained.  Luttrell mentioned an example of how the band reached one fan.  “We played a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’, and a girl I knew came up to me after the show when we were wrapping stuff up.  I didn’t expect her to come up, and she is just balling her eyes out.  I asked her if she is okay.  She said that, ‘That song.  You played.  That got me through half of my life.  You played it so well.’” Able Danger also have a show coming up on June 11th, opening for hard rock band Saliva, which will give them more exposure.  It’s an exciting time for this new band.

And it will be all about timing.

As their previous experiences have showed-timing is no problem for Able Danger.  Check out the Reverbnation site here.


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