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Posted: June 10, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Music Connection News, Support, Promo, & Tips
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guitarIf you’re involved in the entertainment world as an artist, musician, or other entertainer, you probably want to make it more than a hobby, perhaps even a career.  If you want to be successful in the entertainment world, you need to treat your craft as a business, and that includes having some knowledge of the legal issues that come up.  If you don’t have this basic knowledge, you could be taken advantage of by someone who does, and wind up losing everything you’ve worked hard for.

There are several legal issues that come up in the entertainment world that you should be aware of. One of the big ones is copyright protection.  Is your work protected by an official United States Copyright Registration?  And no, I’m not talking about “poor man’s copyright”, which by the way, does not exist and does not offer you any kind of protection for your work.  Everyone in the entertainment world should know about copyright basics and how to submit a basic copyright application in order to protect their work.

Another big legal area in the entertainment world is contract law.  How many of you have read and completely understood an entertainment industry contract?  These are not your run-of-the-mill contracts and can be very confusing.  There can be “hidden” clauses in these contracts that take everything you have.  As an example, I reviewed a recording contract for a musician earlier this year.  The contract had a statement in it that gave the recording company the rights to all of her music – not only what she wrote during the term of the contract, but also everything she wrote prior to and after the term!  Luckily, she avoided signing this terrible contract and has since been offered an even better one.

These are just a couple of legal issues that come up in the entertainment world.  Having a basic understanding of these issues can help you carve out a successful career.

My next post will cover contract law and the importance of having an internal band agreement.

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