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Posted: June 12, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Venue/ Local Service News
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IGNITE Sound RentalI recently was introduced online to Jerome Casinger of Ignite Sound & PA Rental out of Beavercreek, OH.   Casinger recently moved to the area and is excited to share his skills with a whole new musical audience, so he contacted me to see if Music Connection could help him spread the word!  For local musicians and bands looking for quality sound, here’s a little more about Ignite Sound:

What services do you provide? “We provide PA system Rental and Engineering, Sound System Design/Consultation, Professional Artist booking, and Event management.”
465984_4775488740770_919544213_oWhat are your rates likes and what equipment do you typically provide? “Our pricing starts at $150 and goes up from there, but I do have a standard rate, for indoors, typical jobs, which includes up to 16 channels, 4 monitors, and all the mics needed for up to 4 hours within 20 miles or so of Beavercreek. Outdoor gigs and larger channel counts are then bid accordingly and typically have a standard minimum as well.”

What size events can you handle? “We are a local event production company specializing in small to medium-sized events. We specialize in concert and music events but have a great deal of expertise in spoken word, grand openings, and other events. I can do pretty much everything that is a normal gig indoor or outdoor. Small street festivals, etc. ” 706104_403373343065641_987169937_oWhat makes your service different from other local sound companies? The difference between me and some of the other guys, from what I have been told, is the quality of my equipment. Its all higher end stuff, no carpeted speakers etc. All, QSC, EV, Yamaha DXR, and my mics are all the higher end as well, Sennheiser E609, Audix D Series for drums, etc. We also have LED lighting, and use a 32 channel digital mixer so we have all the processing that you can ask for in a band.” 574820_3738372493512_1119571802_nWhat type of experience do you have and offer? “As for my experience, I have been doing this for 8 years officially. I was given a donation to start because of my “ears”. I can pick out frequencies very quickly and understand the science between sound systems. For example, sound guys that put subs on the outside under their speakers are actually creating dead spots. Sometimes it has to be that way, but they should be stacked in the center if the stage allows, and you will see this in any pro set up. I then began to get hired to work with national, regional, and local acts and started working as a promoter as well on the national level.” 858337_437344243001884_822547681_oHow has Dayton treated you so far since you moved here? “So far Dayton has been good to me, I have had 4 or 5 gigs, and now I can hardly keep up with the phone calls! Guys have been recommending me, and I currently have a gig pending down in Cincinnati!  I am excited to give back as a sound engineer with loads of experience and as a musician as well (

Check out Ignite Sound & PA Rental for your next event! Call Jerome at (618) 688-2120 today!


Equipment list:

  • KW153
  • KW181
  • EV ELX
  • Yamaha DXR15
  • Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
  • Sennheiser – MD421, e609’s, E835, Wireless
  • Audix D Series Mics (Full set)
  • Shure- SM57, SM58, Beta 57
  • (8) Blizzard LED lights


  • NeedtoBreathe (Atlantic Records)
  • Brandon Heath (Dove Award Winner)
  • Shawn McDonald
  • Downhere
  • Pioneer
  • The Cardboard Room
  • SonsofDay
  • The Melvin Turnage Band
  • Faith Fellowship Church- Alton, Illinois
  • Spokane First Church of the Nazarene
  • Perilous
  • Satellites and Sirens
  • Luke Dowler
  • On Tracy Lane
  • Geedus
  • South Side Jonny Band
  • Broseph E Lee Band

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