Upcoming Album Release, Modnar, a Fantastical Voyage of the Mind | Electronica, Experimental – Australia

Posted: August 26, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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Modnar cover artSubterralien’s new album, Modnar, is a unique sound experience that will either drive you crazy or leave you desperately seeking to find out what’s next!   Scheduled for release in late October 2014, Modnar, is a self-described “weird” combination of strange, spacey, alien and video game sounds and modern electronica straight out of the Australian underground.   If you like electronic jams that are out-of-the-box and not defined by today’s modern song tastes, Subterralien’s abstract and conceptual song design may be perfect for you!

Modnar is clearly defined by its abstract nature and electronic sounds, but those are not it’s only defining characteristics.  There is a dark element flowing freely through each song on the album that draws you into another world filled with tension, strange happenings, and perhaps, a bit of mania. The feeling of being in a strange, alien video game resonates strongly within each song, and the ill-prepared individual might find themselves overwhelmed by the face-melting onslaught of fast-paced beats throughout that is a signature characteristic of the album.   Also a defining virtue of the album, some song sections seem to, at first, be out of time or feel simplistic, but continuing on, the listener hopefully finds this has been done purposely to throw off the senses, garner attention to that particular section, and keep the album fresh.

Subterralien’s new album, Modnar, is a well-produced, fantastical music voyage of the mind!  If you prefer today’s structured songs with clean, well-produced vocals, a clear progression, and easy to understand sections, this album may just drive you mad, but if you’re looking for something strangely excellent and out of the ordinary to expand the framework of your listening experience, you need to head over and pre-order this album today or visit the Subterralien Facebook page link below!

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