Nobi Delivers a Musical Battlefield on InteGRITTY 2 | Hip-Hop/Rap – NY, NY

Posted: October 14, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Non-Local Bands
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Queens, New York hip-hop artist, Nobi, serves up his “GrittyLyf” reality with flair, precision, and raw passion on his new mixtape, InteGRITTY 2, released earlier this month.

Rapping on topics close to him like drug use, violence, racism, terrorism, domestic issues, and more, Nobi lays his soul bare in a musical battlefield of heavy, urban beats and sound effects.  This album is more than just some heavy-handed attempt at shock value lyrics though.  There is an 00nobiintegritty2bobvious sensitivity wrapped up in all the ugliness that he’s experienced, and several tracks have a softer, sexier attitude.  Even with multiple producer and artist collaborations  throughout the mix, there is a personal style that is unmistakable and unifying.  Not for the light-hearted, this album delivers hard-hitting tracks that cut to the  core and exemplify Nobi’s InteGRITTY.


  Twitter: Nobi_GL
Web: &

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton!  Go check out their music!  If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

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