“To Where Tengger Leads Me” is Stunning, Epic Adventure Soundtrack | Nature Ganganbaigal – China

Posted: October 25, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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Album_CoverBringing ancient, instinctual beats to an epic, emotional landscape of sonic persuasion, To Where Tengger Leads Me, is the stunning debut action-adventure soundtrack by Mongolian solo artist from China,  Nature Ganganbaigal (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang).

artist_photo_1On his solo album debut, Nature explores his capabilities as an auditory illustrator, painting the listener a grand voyage across the sea of time to when nomads, warriors and heroes roamed the desert sands. 

The mind’s eye easily conjures up the heat of battle and the thunder of galloping stallions that this film-score inspired piece of artistry seeks to evoke.   Nature’s use of the Mongolian horse-head fiddle and other symphonic instruments creates a resonating sense of being transported back in time or to a different world even.  The layering in of electronic and new age sound effects creates a certain vibrancy that would also fit well on many video game sequences.

To Where Tengger Leads Me is exactly the kind of dark, dramatic album I love!   Anyone looking for a truly sonic adventure should check out and grab a copy of this album immediately! 

Stream & Download To Where Tengger Leads Me on Bandcamp:


Official Website:

Nature Ganganbaigal is a Mongolian music composer from China (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang). Nature writes music for commercial clips, trailers and games for both indie studios and large media firms such as China Central Television. His wide ranges of music styles include traditional orchestral music and electronic influenced modern film score. As a former Microsoft UI designer, Nature has the strong sensibility on visual media and filmic language. Nature is currently studying in New York University finishing his film music graduate degree. As the winner of 2014 New York University Film Score Competition, Nature’s film score was performed in Broadway.

* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton!  Go check out their music!  If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

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