Marcus Kane Bares Soul For the Love of Music | Songwriter/Musician – England

Posted: November 24, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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English songwriter and musician, Marcus Kane, took up songwriting a few years ago when an injury kept him at home for some time.  During that time, he fell in love with his new found freedom of expression, and his diverse song collection shows his love of many different genres.  His desire to create music has only grown, and now what he wants most is to collaborate and share with other musicians. The four songs Kane has just released on iTunes are perfect for music lovers who appreciate a no-nonsense, loving, and happy approach to music.  They also demonstrate Kane’s abilities as a songwriter and are a shout out to any aspiring collaborators who may want to join him on a musical adventure.


albumcoverKane’s first track he shared with us, “Christmas Day”, charges in with upbeat rock guitar and drums and rowdy lyrics about a Santa who gets arrested on Christmas. The smart use of big church bells as well as multiple harmonies on vocals helps to up the energy a few notches more. Though Kane ultimately is talking about a scenario in which he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, this song has a sense of fun and rowdiness that can really draw people to it.

In “Doves of Peace”, Kane’s lyrics are all about his desire for a more peaceful world.  The laid-back tempo of this tune  is relaxing and puts you in the right frame of mind to hear a song about peace. There are some lovely piano parts all throughout and the occasional hint of guitar on the edges of this song adds an interesting Country flavor.

Filled with charming sleigh bells, pop melodies, and backing harmonies, “All Your Christmas Love” is a straightforward and cheerful tune reminiscent of Christmas songs of the mid 19th century. This song is about all of the wonderful feelings that the Christmas season generates and about wanting to share that with a special someone. Of special note are the use of a tubular bells sound at the beginning and end of the track as well as sleigh bells carefully placed throughout the song which generate a lovely, innocent, and almost lullaby-like quality to this piece.

Rounding out this collection of tracks is “Slave to Love”.  On this track we come to sympathize with lyrics about being hurt. Even with the pain of heartbreak, we can’t stop looking for and becoming a slave to love.  While we would have appreciate a bit more content lyrically, the backing music is pretty smooth.  The piano and bell intro are strengthened nicely by a deep, slow bass line and smooth, dance groove through most of the song.

Each of these tracks is available for purchase on iTunes or for other artists to take up and make their own!

Additional tracks by Marcus Kane:

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