A Shade of Red – A MUST SEE Band in Dayton | by Mike Emmons

Posted: December 9, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions
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by Mike Emmons

1069330_10151787326564775_1786277357_nDayton is home to a surprising number of great bands.  On any given night, the music fans in Dayton have a number of choices with plenty of great bands playing at a number of great venues.  Many of those bands have a “must see” status, and one of the bands on that list is A Shade Of Red.

This power trio leaves it all on the stage every time they play.  With a sound that touches on elements of Joan Jett, Cream and the Who, they assault the audience with raw energy and an urgency that sets the bar very high for any band that intends to share a stage with them.  Lead by a guitar wielding, powerhouse vocalist named Georgia Goad, who is backed by drummer Sean Pennington and bassist Alex Cortez, they take the crowd on a high energy roller coaster ride every time they play.

11058154_10153122440539775_7034654123024361197_nFrom the first drumbeat to the last screaming chord, there is an element of danger in their performance.  Much like the Who in the days of Keith Moon, there is a push/pull between Georgia’s guitar and Sean’s drums that makes you feel that you are on a runaway train that’s about to fly off the tracks.  Then, just when it seems to be out of control, they bring it home with an ease that only musical soul mates can accomplish.  No amount of practice can create the magic that exists between the guitar and the drums of this band. It’s something that the two of them share at a primordial level.  Alone, they are both great players, but together they touch on something that hints at the divine.

The icing on the cake is the ever present lead bass lines from virtuoso bassist Alex Cortez.  Weaving his magic through their set with style and smoothness, he brings a funky coolness to the hard rocking chaos of his bandmates.   Fluid and 10410652_10153015340474775_2373317641476235729_nmelodic, Alex plays with power and a sense of ease that blends perfectly into the spell worked by Georgia and Sean.  It’s difficult to imagine a more perfectly matched cast of characters.

Then there are the songs.  Songs from the heart.  Songs of passion, lurid sex, and the things in life that our mothers warned us about.  Songs whose lyrics are brought to life by one of the most passionate and urgent voices that you will hear in this life, or any other.  Georgia pours out every last drop of her heart and soul as she takes us on a journey that we won’t soon forget.  Throughout it all, her tortured guitar screams and wails as she takes her aggression out on it.  With unforgettable riffs and emotion filled solos, she bares her soul through her guitar as much as she does through her voice.

Dayton is the home of many great bands and A Shade Of Red is definitely among them.

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