Bernie Journey Keeps it Hot and Steamy on New Single | Electronic-Dance-Pop / NY

Posted: December 21, 2014 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News
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RUThinkingCoverDecember 30th, electronic dance-pop artist, Bernie Journey (Cleveland, OH / New York), is releasing a new track called Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?  I received advance streaming and download of the full track today, and I can tell you that this song will easily appeal to contemporary dance pop fans in clubs all around the world!

“Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?” is a fountain of youthful energy waiting to pump you up and get your body moving! Heavily influenced by artists such as Madonna, George Michael, and Prince, Bernie Journey packed this tune full of fun and energetic synth and rhythm samples that are the perfect speed for dancing, and grooving, the night away! There’s even a little funky wah-ed out guitar lick or two in store!  Bernie’s vocals have a great sexy quality to them and are easy to follow. Cool whisper vocals and sweet harmonies add dynamic changes throughout, and just when you think it might all be over, the heartbeat comes rolling back in for one extra minute of killer grooves and happy thoughts!

Right now, you can check out a sample of the song, watch a short clip from the lyric video, find out more about Bernie Journey, and preorder this track on!  Fans of dance, pop, electronic, and anything sexy should be hitting up this track today!



* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton! Go check out their music! If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, click HERE!

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