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Posted: January 23, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Music Connection News, Promo, Support, Support, Promo, & Tips, Venue/ Local Service News
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logoblue copyIf you’re tired of searching the Dayton area groups and websites for whatever it is you really need as a fan, musician, promoter or other Dayton music service,  I can totally relate to your utter confusion and frustration; that’s why I started Music Connection Dayton and why I’m bringing you two very special groups on Facebook that are dedicated to making your life easier!

Live Music Events Showcase

This group is dedicated to posting and viewing Dayton area live music events (Dayton + approx. 30 miles/30 minutes drive), but it’s not just about clogging up a wall with a bunch of posts!

* We’ll be actively reviewing posts to make sure there aren’t doubles of posts and keep spammers out.
* Monday – Wednesday, we’ll feature great shows that we recommend you check out!
* Thursday – Sunday, we showcase ALL upcoming events in 1 pinned post so that residents and fans can easily see all the upcoming shows!

Dayton Music Classifieds

This group is dedicated to posting and viewing Dayton area music classifieds!  In this group, we’ll share all the requests we get for help, postings we find around the area, Craigslist listings, and posts looking for bands and musicians looking, and we’ll make it easier for you to find what you need, in ONE spot!
From time to time, we’ll put support-oriented questions out to the group so that everyone can gain from the wisdom and experience of the group, but all questions will be related to helping musicians and local music service providers find what they need.  

– Looking for a new band member or band?
– Need or want to Sell a new or used instrument or other gear?
– Need a band/musician for your next show?
– Something else music related that you need?

Here are a couple of other local Facebook groups that do a great job at being informative and keeping out spam:


Dayton Local Bands/Musicians

Dayton Ohio Artist Group

Tell us what you think!

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