Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Courtyard – Covering the Scene

Posted: February 22, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Show Reviews & Pictures
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Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Courtyard – Covering the Scene
Posted by Mike Ritchie on February 21, 2015

Troy’s Blanche Devereaux plays and performs metal like they are extracting demons from your inner most self. Basically yanking them out, wadding them up, and before you can breathe relieved, ram them back in. It’s better to have your personal demons contorted, disoriented and confused by the external environment before reinsertion. Mikey Devereaux’s bellowed growl complimented the maniacal sounds from Danny Miramontes and Jeremy Stone. It’s got thrash, metalcore and a bit of black metal putting The Black Dahlia Murder on Cannibal Corpses’s alter of sacrifice. They took the stage burning away the cold of the night on ”Noctural Consumption.” They encouraged all to step in the fire and “Man Up.” It only burns a little. They have been around for a while and seem to keep getting heavier.

Dayton’s Forces of Nature took the Courtyard stage again. They could not control the weather but they could play music that’s earth shaking with a stormblast of loud metal. Classic opener “Magnus Lee” vibrated the speakers. They took the crowd on a demented storybook trip through the “Forest of Corpses.” Disney, it wasn’t. It looked like “Mary” will always have self-hatred issues, quote Forces “Nevermore.” The galloping pace and melodious interplay of “Holy Lights” brought out the slower looming “Apocalypse.” Many might welcome the prophesized end time’s vs the ‘snow-blinding’ seasonal ‘white death.’ Marc Godsey took the occasion to thank former Pantera cover band Half Lit for playing tonight and the other bands and for inspiring Forces to play again, way back when.

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Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Courtyard – Covering the Scene

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