By Rusty Pate
Photo: Shooter Jennings will perform on March 7 at Oddbody’s

When your parents are royalty in the outlaw country genre, certain expectations follow you.

Shooter Jennings does not eschew his father Waylon’s legacy. He loves his dad’s music and is even currently touring with his father’s old band. However, it should be understood that Shooter has no desire to fit into any mold.

“Most of the places I go, they have this background on me,” Jennings said. “They kind of assume I’m going to be one thing.”

Obviously, his father was an influence, but anyone who automatically equates him with his father’s choice of genre simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Jennings grew up a child of the 1980s, and like many of that generation, he was raised on MTV, hard rock and video games.

Yes, video games – Shooter Jennings is an unapologetic gamer nerd.

He collects old standup consoles and vintage computers. During our conversation, he said he had spent the previous day playing the first-person shooter PC game Combat Arms online with his buddies. It was a rare respite from the duties of fatherhood and the towering pile of work that comes with starting your own record label.

Black Country Rock media affords Jennings a certain level of freedom, creatively if not financially.

“The only disadvantage is you don’t have a bank account,” Jennings said. “I’ve worked with labels and sometimes you’ll encounter people who work at these labels that are really smart and have great ideas. That’s where you benefit from one of those relationships.”

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Shooter Jennings will perform Saturday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at Oddbody’s Music Room, 5418 Burkhardt Rd. Tickets are $22 in advance and $28 the day of show. This show is 18 or over. For more information, please visit

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