By Gary Spencer
Photo: Full of Hell will perform March 12 at RockStar Pro Arena

Sometimes, life can be downright mean.

Full of Hell founding member and guitarist Spencer Hazard is one musician who uses that darkness to create something else: music. In a recent interview, Hazard summed up the inspiration for the music, sound and lyrics of the young East Coast band.

“Mostly human experience,” Hazard said. “Whether it be other people’s or one’s own pain experienced in life.”

A listen to one of their most recent discs, Rudiments of Mutilation from 2013, certainly echoes this sentiment. It sounds like possibly one of the most painful, bleak and agonizing pieces of extreme metal ever committed to tape. Rudiments of Mutilation seizes your attention even before you throw the platter on your turntable with its striking and somewhat shocking cover art: a collage of babies, burned flesh, Holocaust victims, mutants, hangings, mutilated humans, deformities and dead bodies.

However what’s in the grooves of this record is just as disturbing and grim: howling amplifier feedback, slicing and atonal guitars vomiting out of the speakers, rumbling and caterwauling bass akin to the feeling you get down low in your gut when you feel seasick, and drums that get clubbed and bashed with such a ferocity that you’d think they owe the drummer money. All of this barely controlled cacophony is topped off by screams, moans, groans and creepy whispers that sound like the band’s vocalist was in the midst of being whipped, electrocuted and otherwise tortured during the recording of the album. And best of luck deciphering the lyrics. I tried to look up a lyric sheet online and the link was blocked for “violence.”

It seems that what Full of Hell has done is taken their musical inspirations and influences and put their own gnarly and hell-bent vision on top of it all. What’s materialized is a sound that goes beyond simple tags as “metal,” “grind,” “doom” or “hardcore,” and a band that can hardly be compared to most of their predecessors.

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