No Troubles In ‘Paradise’: An Interview with Smug Brothers | Dayton Most Metro

Posted: March 7, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band/Artist/Project News, Local Music News
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February 21, 2015 by

The four members of Dayton’s own Smug Brothers are hanging around Kyle Melton’s kitchen on a cold February afternoon.  Inside  one of the small rooms that have been designated as the office, the Beatles come blaring out of the computer stereo speakers.  Deep,  raw cuts, along with some of their usual hits flooded over the entire house.  The group is awaiting local photographer Jay  Woessner as he will be updating the bands press photos today.  In only a few weeks away the Smug Brothers will be releasing their  latest album Woodpecker Paradise, and the band has their hands full.  After photos are taken, the band plans to practice some of  the new material. Woodpecker Paradise reunites Smug Brothers with longtime producer, and former member, Darryl Robbins.

As I took off my coat, and placed it in the living room, Melton asks if I would be interested in having a beer.  “We have high brow  beer, and non-high brow to choose from.  Feel free to pick whatever,” he says to me.  I choose the non-fancy beer, which is  Genesee-one of bassist Larry Evans’ favorite selections.  Having known that Evans enjoys Genesse, I also have drunk the beer before and became a fan of it also.  I make mention to bassist Larry Evans that he is partially to blame for my appreciation of the  beverage.

“Really?” says Evans with a shocked look.  I explained to him that I took a case over to a get together over the past summer.  I received a mix reaction from the party goers when I arrived-ranging from some that were enthused to know that I knew what the beer was, to outright ribbing because of how cheap you can get it.

“Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Evans, ever so kindly says to me with compassion written all his bearded face.

The conversation between everyone jumped around from topic to topic.  Baker begins talking about a recently purchasing an amp that now has been blown out.  Even though Baker claims it’s pretty old, Melton makes mention that he may know some people that could possibly repair to amp.  The discussion then shifts to how the popular 80’s television show Cheers opener has a longer version to it online, and it’s actually good.  Baker’s girlfriend declares that she wants to make a trip over to Ghostlight Coffee, and would like to know where it’s located.

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No Troubles In ‘Paradise’: An Interview with Smug Brothers | Dayton Most Metro

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