Michael Angelo Batio’s wild guitar heroics at Oddbody’s

By Christian Roerig

Photo: Michael Angelo Batio will perform at Oddbody’s Music Room on March 14

In a world where most guitar players fumble their way through a solo, there are those who can actually play. And then there are those who can shred – and they are just happy to have a world filled with guitars.

This is the stance of Michael Angelo Batio, one of the world’s foremost guitar shredders. His rise to fame came in the over-the-top ’80s metal band, Nitro, which featured a signature four-neck guitar played by the ambidextrous Batio, combined with the literal glass-breaking shrieks of singer Jim Gillette. Although Nitro initially achieved some success before breaking up in 1992, Batio’s instructional videos are what really cemented him as legend among those who play guitar. He taught such legends as Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Mark Tremonti of Creed and Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot. He has primarily been a solo artist since the breakup of Nitro, but Batio hasn’t slowed down a bit as far as his volume of projects – albums, instructional videos, tours – or in the speed of his insanely quick hands. His most recent album is the virtuosic Intermezzo, released on his own M.A.C.E. Music label. We had a chance to ask Mr. Batio some questions, and found out that besides being a guitar hero, he’s a genuinely nice guy who really just wants everyone to enjoy music.

Click here to read the interview with Michael Angelo Batio:
Double the rock, double the shred | Dayton City Paper

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