Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-038On March 31st, Music Connection Dayton made its debut on WWSU 106.9 with Daniel Diesel for Ohio Is On Fire!  I’ve briefly run into Daniel on a couple of previous occasions, but early in March, I was stoked to get a message from him asking me to join him on air to talk about Music Connection and the Dayton area music scene!  Of course, I said “Yes!” and after a few messages back and forth, we were able to set the date!

Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-020When Daniel first contacted me, he was really friendly and let me know that it would be a really laid back show and that I could bring along anyone that I wanted with me to the studio.  Then a few days before the show, he contacted me again to get
me some advance questions and let me know that in the second half of Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-009his segment with me, he wanted to do something a bit more fun than just questions. One of his suggestions was to do an acoustic song on air, and I took him up on that right away. Because this was only my second time ever on the radio though, and my first time ever performing a song on-air, I knew that bringing my new Music Connection partner, Jimmy Cummings; Jimmy’s wife, our photographer for the night, and my good friend Lisa Cummings; two of my Killed By Art band mates, Nathan Goff and Todd Panstingel, would be just the support that I needed!

Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-001
We arrived at the WWSU studio around 8:30 and hung out in the main foyer outside the live studio while Daniel finished up his first segment, which gave us time to get settled and make sure Todd and Nate’s guitars could get warm and in tune.  While music from all around the tri-state region echoed down the halls of WSU, Daniel had a chance to leave the sound booth, introduce himself and make sure we had the evening’s itinerary.

We planned to start at 9:15, so we didn’t have to wait very long before getting to check Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-023out the sound booth for ourselves and get settled in. 
We talked shop about Daniel’s plans and schooling Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-022and the studio itself until it was time to hit the air, and it was cool to get to know a little bit more about Daniel.  Before we knew it though, it was time to go live!  Daniel asked us about Music Connection Dayton’s history and plans of course, and we loved talking about that for a while, but he also asked us all about other cool topics like local music festivals, what we thought about awards contests in music, our first concerts, how we decided we wanted careers in music, and where we thought Dayton’s music scene ranked among others in the country.

Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-035The conversation flowed smoothly through the first segment, and after a short break for more local music, Daniel introduced Nate, Todd, and I back to the show to Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-030perform a live acoustic version of Killed By Art’s “Thread”.  The guys did a great job, which I have to mention is nothing unusual for them.  They’ve been backing me up for the last five years, always kill it in my opinion, and are a huge part of why I do what I do.  For me, singing on air was kind of like recording in the studio or playing around a campfire, in the sense that those situations can be more challenging to keep and convey the energy you feel as a performer.   I have to focus a lot harder than I do in a full live set to ensure that I’m truly present for each moment of the song, but it’s totally worth it!  After the song, we were able to chat a bit more before our part of the show came to a close.

Music Connection Dayton at WWSU with Daniel Hood-002We all came away feeling like the evening was not only a success, but a lot of fun!   Daniel even caught the session on video, and we hope to check that out and share it when it becomes available in the next couple of weeks!  Check out the Dayton Indie Music Madness tournament on Facebook and vote for your favorite acts! You’ll be actively supporting music and may help some local musician’s dreams come true!

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