“Where Language Fails,” Music Speaks Volumes | Aminita Satori

Posted: April 13, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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“Where Language Fails” by Aminita Satori is an inspired new album with a modern twist on instrumental music.

Coming off a successful career producing soundtracks on major TV ad campaigns for companies like McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Verizon, Aminita Satori was no stranger to the world of music, music production, and the power and influence that music can have over us, but Satori had become disillusioned and wanted to create music without the constraints and commercialism of creating music for advertisements.  After discovering the lecture archives of the late philosopher and author, Terence McKenna, Satori found a five-year writer’s block melting away and chill music flooding in.

On “Where Language Fails”, Satori has created musical chemistry that is so relaxing and light that you’ll feel like you’re floating on air.  With its unobtrusive and atmospheric movements, this album has all the typical earmarks of ambient music, but there’s a little something extra in there for you with elements of electronica and even some hip-hop carefully woven in.
This album will take you on a musical journey through space and time and leave you contemplating the wonders of the universe and the origins of human consciousness.   Check out the full album on YouTube below and head on over to Satori’s website to grab your copy of “Where Language Fails”.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THGPZKgjTmw]

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