High 5 Riot - Urban Chaos at GillysUrban Chaos ensued when High 5 Riot and friends seized Gilly’s Jazz Club for a near sold out show! The night included a diverse line-up that included Michigan’s Red Stone Souls, the smooth country sounds of The Kelly Crank Band, rock & rollers Wicked Fixx, and of course High 5 Riot!

Kelly Crank Band- Urban Chaos at GillysBy the time we rolled into Gilly’s, the chaos had already begun, and the near capacity crowd was kickin it to the tunes of the Kelly Crank Band.

Singer-songwriter, Kelly Crank, fronts this cool quartet that features an eclectic array of tunes incorporating elements of Rock, Country, and Pop. The dance floor was filled with happy feet as they enjoyed a great set that included tunes from Crank’s debut CD called “Stronger”!

Red Stone Souls- Urban Chaos at GillysThe bedlam continued with our friends to the north, Red Stone Souls!

This hard driving band from the Motor City has been racking up the miles touring the Midwest and gaining a legion of followers as well as the respect of their peers. The heavy bass lines and gritty guitar riffs are reminiscent of the Blues-based Metal of the late 60’s and 70’s. These four guys take a no holds barred approach when it comes to their live performance!

At Gilly’s Red Stone Souls administered a heavy dose of tunes from their album The Slow Haze Sessions and a kickass version of Black Sabbath’s “The Wizard” that still has the rafters shaking!

After Red Stone Souls, we stepped outside for a short break and the smell of freshly steamed hot dogs filled the air. Dogs for Dogs Ohio, a new business in the Dayton area, was on hand selling a variety of great tasting hot dogs! What’s the best part though?  10% of the profits went directly to the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA) and The Montgomery County Humane Society! Dogs for Dogs Ohio is another great example of Dayton companies giving back, and I highly recommend the classic Chili Cheese Dog! YUM!

High 5 Riot - Urban Chaos at GillysWe walked back in just as the house lights were dimming; the stage was set for our hometown hosts, High 5 Riot! 

Dayton’s High 5 Riot has a knack for inciting chaos! The five piece band continues their assault on the Miami Valley music scene with live performances that keep fans coming back for more. The Gilly’s stage was no exception to their killer shows as the band dished out tunes from their debut CD, Crowd Control.

One of the crowd favorites was definitely High 5 Riot’s song “Turn Out the Lights” but the band’s musical madness also included a fresh new original tune called “Do You Love Me?” and a cover of Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”. Fans of all ages took to the floor dancing and grooving to every beat.

Wicked Fixx - Urban Chaos at GillysCincinnati’s Wicked Fix was chosen to close things out for the evening, but if you were looking to relax, forget about it!

This power trio took to the Gilly’s stage like they owned the joint! The band rejuvenated the crowd with a classic Rock sound that had folks rethinking their decision to head for the door. The crowd was enchanted by these young rockers whose set included original tunes like “Rock & Roll Queen” as well as covers from Cream and an awesome version of “Deuce” by Kiss.

After enduring an evening of chaos, the corner of 4th and Jefferson is still upright and standing. No structural damage to speak of; just a ton of smiling faces and satisfied Rioters ready for the next uproar!

* All photos copyright Jimmy Cummings and Music Connection Dayton.  These photos are available under creative commons for non-commercial reuse with attribution to Music Connection Dayton.

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