by Mike Emmons

10561714_664501513633260_3766846709722308647_nOne of the rising stars of the Dayton music scene is McGuff And The Dumpster Fires! You’re hearing their name more and more often, and when you see their live show, you immediately know why!  Blending elements of 70’s punk with classic rock, they have created a sound that is uniquely their own and sure to please!

Members: Emily McGuff, Phil Doncaster, Keith Klein, Taylor McGuff

11988726_878103335606409_2285733755270172112_nGuitarist/singer Taylor McGuff leads the band through their sets with confidence and charisma.  His voice is melodic when it needs to be. He’s always ready to hit us with a great punk edge though, all while he riffs away on his G&L Telecaster, and riff away he does, hitting the crowd with one great hook after another!

Then there’s Emily McGuff: This girl is a vocal powerhouse!  One minute she’s adding beautiful vocals, and the next minute, she’s wailing on the blues with a voice as big as the Mississippi Delta.  She effortlessly moves between pop punk, the blues, and straight up rock and roll with power and passion, and when she combines her vocal talents with Taylor’s, you’ll be an instant believer in their sound!

No great band has ever had success without a great rhythm section, and that’s certainly not an issue for McGuff & The Dumpster Fires.  Bassist Keith Klein holds down the low end, easily jumping from playing in the pocket to intricate lead bass lines.  His easy going laid back attitude on stage is a great cover for the thunder his fingers produce.   Phil Doncaster is a monster on the drums creating awesome punk beats mixed with tricky fills and rhythms.  He’s definitely the icing on the cake for this band.  He kills it every show, and locks in perfectly with Keith’s bass lines!

It’s all good to have great musicians in your band, but the music this tight quartet creates is a perfect representation of the band’s members as individuals.  They have a ton of punk attitude, but their songs are mixed with a lot of fun too.  It doesn’t get too heavy or angry, but it isn’t all pop and politeness either.  They have the perfect mix of fun, attitude and chaos to make you call out for an encore as they finish their set!  They also have a real knack for taking a few covers here and there, and making them their own.  Their punk tribute medley alone is worth coming out to see them, and see them you must!

If you’re a fan of local music, this band is a must see.  If you’re not a fan of local music, McGuff And The Dumpster Fires will make you one!  Catch them live at Sideshow X this Saturday and stay tuned for their upcoming EP release, June 13th at Canal Public House where they’ll be playing with local acts, Sidekick Complex and Box Truck Rescue!

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