“Drawing Blood” Cuts To The Quick | Alt-Country/Rock – Jeremy & Lynne – Minster, OH

Posted: May 25, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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Soulful melodies and lyrics lay bare the human heart on the new full-length album, “Drawing Blood”, released in March 2015 by Minster, Ohio’s Jeremy & Lynne.  With its cool mix of alt-country and southern rock peppered with just a dash of outlaw and punk attitude, this album is packed with great songs for all kinds of music-lovers!



J_L_25Jeremy & Lynne started writing music together just three years ago, but their long-time friendship makes for a wonderful and creative pairing on this album.  

The duo focuses primarily on the lyrical aspect of their song-writing, and while they delve into the familiar territories of life experiences, relationships, and past successes and regrets, there is nothing casual about that familiarity as they create music with depth and feeling in each story and movement.


J_L7Starting off the album right away with a nice, dark edge that I love, “Inside My Head” opens with sounds of thunder and rain, which immediately put me in the right frame of mind for the type of reflections and concepts tackled on this album.

  “Inside My Head” has a simple melody but the rich guitars and soft backing vocals and harmonies fill all the right spaces.  Throughout this song, there’s a slightly raspy quality to Jeremy’s voice that creates grit and contrasts beautifully with the smoothness of the guitars and other parts. This is a killer track to start off this album, and if you dig this one, you’ll definitely enjoy the rest!

Featuring the harmonica of Adam “Bubs” Ranly, another killer tune on this album is the fourth track, “Trains”, which has a very cinematic quality. 

Ranly’s harmonica is haunting and immediately brings in the feel of the train.   Much more subtly than the harmonica, but just as powerfully, the brush work on the percussion (Todd Huffman) evokes a strong feeling of the steam powered engine.  The guitars chug along like the pistons on the wheels, and the melodies of both the guitar and the vocals create that lonely tension you would expect to feel riding the rails or hitting the road.

Other tunes on this album that you have to check out include the title track, “Drawing Blood”, “How I Died Today”, and “Island Day No#1.”

J_L52This whole album is packed with unique and intriguing twists though, and you don’t want to miss the musical contributions from all the other talented artists on this album, including Mark Cantwil, Andy Brogan, Jeff Brogan, Dave Fowler, Dy’Mond Thomas, and Todd Huffman.   We have to also point out that Huffman did an amazing job recording, tracking, mixing, and mastering this album at ICB Studios in Dayton.

Pick up a copy of this album today!

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