KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN UPDATE for Music Connection Dayton – Y(OUR) Local Music Connection

Posted: June 27, 2015 by Jimmy Cummings in History, Music Connection News, Venue/ Local Service News
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kickstarterwebgraphic*ALERT* You did it Dayton! You helped us reach our goal of $500, and you did it with time to spare! We would like to thank ALL those who have supported the Music Connection Dayton Kickstarter campaign, whether you shared the event or made a pledge to the campaign! WE THANK YOU, DAYTON!

Thank YouYour contributions will allow Music Connection Dayton to become a legitimate business in the state of Ohio and will help solidify our position in the Dayton business community. By reaching our goal, we are also now very much looking forward to building our merchandise booth that we will PROUDLY display at local festivals and events throughout the Greater Dayton area.


We made our goal, but there is plenty of time to make a contribution and take advantage of some of the cool reward packages still available such as Music Connection Dayton & W937 Dayton Radio T-Shirts, 30 second radio ads on W937 Radio, month long Promotional Spotlight Packages and more!

Additional Funding

The goal for our Kickstarter campaign of $500 is the bare minimum of the fund necessary to purchase the needed items for our merchandise booth and for legitimizing Music Connection Dayton with the state of Ohio. With over two weeks left in the campaign, we hope to continue the momentum by exceeding our goal!

MCD Booth“Extra Funds” will be used to maximize our marketing capabilities and expand our efforts to promote the Dayton music community with materials such as:

• new business cards showcasing Music Connection Dayton AND W937 Dayton Radio- $35
• additional banner for the booth table – $50
• flyers and handouts for the booth for this fall – $100
• printed copies of the upcoming fall directory – $15 ea our cost
• purchasing of new music for play on W937 Dayton Radio – $20/mo.
• advertise W937 Dayton Radio on Facebook through December to help reach our mandatory goal of 130 listener hours/day average by end of year – ($50/mo x 5 mo = $250)

*   These are just a few of the additional things we might be able to cover if we exceed our goal, and we will maximize any additional funds to get the most we possibly can.   All additional costs are estimated. 

Thanks again Dayton for your continued support of our Kickstarter campaign and for Music Connection Dayton – Y(OUR) Local Music Connection. DAYTON ROCKS AND SO DO YOU!!!

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