Know Your Neighbors: Richard Brown, Dayton’s #1 music fan |

Posted: June 29, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Local Music News, Show Reviews & Pictures, Support, Support, Promo, & Tips, Venue/ Local Service News
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by Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

If you’ve been to a local show over the past years, there’s a very solid chance you’ve noticed a man standing near the front of the stage, taking pictures with an old camera under a yellow Panama hat.

In fact, if Richard Brown isn’t at a Dayton show, the organizers might start to get worried. The Dayton native estimates that he’s been to over 2,000 local music shows since he started going regularly five years ago, and a couple of years ago, even squeezed in over 500 during a one-year period.

“But I’m cutting back this year,” he said.

Brown said he wasn’t into the music scene until after he retired nine years ago.

“I was married, I worked 12 hours a day and seven days a week, so all I did was eat and sleep, so I’m making up for it now,” he said.

A Twin Towers neighbor, he spends his days volunteering at the Life Enrichment Center on Findlay Street or for St. Vincent De Paul. He manages the YouTube channel the Boxxcar, which boasts 276 videos online, and he has over 1,000 more that haven’t been posted yet.

His videos span the music genres, from rap to indie to metal.

“If they’re not too loud, if you can’t hear what they’re saying, I don’t film them,” he said.

Though Brown is usually the man behind the lens, he does take pictures with friends — many of which he’s made through the years as he photographs bands night after night. Here’s just a few highlights from his past five years as Dayton’s No. 1 music fan.

See some of Richard’s favorite pictures and videos here:
Know Your Neighbors: Richard Brown, Dayton’s #1 music fan |

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