Ari’s Take: 10 Social Media Mistakes Bands Make

Posted: July 3, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in & Tips, Support, Support, Promo, & Tips
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I originally wrote this for Digital Music News.

1) Your Call To Actions Are Too Frequent

Don’t enter every contest you stumble upon that could win you $100 in recording gear. Pick and choose the best contests that can advance your career the most. Nearly every band driven contest is based on votes. Some, however, CAN be extremely valuable – like getting festival slots or opportunities to perform with huge artists.
When you have a new album out or are going on tour, yes, it’s completely acceptable (and encouraged) to encourage your fans to purchase. Make sure you spread out your requests for action. Because if you don’t, your fans will eventually tune you out.

2) You Are TOO Humble

There’s a fine line between being humble and annoying. Being humble is promoting other acts you love. Being annoying is thanking your fans for all their love and support ALL THE TIME. Blech!

3) You Say What You Think People Want To Hear

Fans don’t want to follow bands who are safe. They want to know that they are badasses who speak their minds and stand for what they believe in. Sure, you may piss a few people off, but you will dramatically increase your loyalists who will stand by every word you say.

4) You Aren’t Asking Questions

Make sure to ask questions regularly. These can be band related “where should we tour? Where are you?” Or they can be questions that showcase your personality: “Will and I are having it out over whiskey choices. He stands by Jack and I need my Jameson. What’s your whiskey of choice? -Ari”
This encourages engagement, debate, interaction between fans and an opportunity for you to get to know some of your fans a little better. You’ll start to see the regular commenters. Those are your super fans. Make sure to contact them to help you promote your show or sell your merch when you pass through town.

5) You Don’t Post Content People Want To Share

You should post a healthy balance of content about your band and about stuff that interests you. Chances are if it interests you it will interest your fans and they will share it. It will then say “via Your Band” on Facebook or your tweet will be retweeted – encouraging others to Like/follow you.


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Ari’s Take: 10 Social Media Mistakes Bands Make

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